Relationships & Sex: Pretty Boy Syndrome (aka Prettyboitis)

Who doesn’t like a pretty boy? One of those guys that walks into a room and all the girls pause. He might take off his shirt on the beach and have someone’s girlfriend look a little too long. In one word he is HOT and there is really nothing that you can do about it. What makes it bad is that he knows it. But there are always two sides to a story. Right? Hell yeah!

The thing is no one is perfect; if he is so gorgeous he may have a couple flaws. Sometimes you may catch a great guy who is the total package but that is rare. However, attractive men often suffer from Pretty Boy Syndrome or Prettyboitis. This disease has increased over the years due to the emphasis on the physical appearance and escalation of media coverage. Thankful Singersroom has done extensive “studies” to educate women on several symptoms and a treatment. The men infected with Prettyboitis have many characteristics that are similar such as being extraordinarily conceded, jealous, possessive, and quick tempered. (If your man’s characteristics are the same but he is not attractive he might have a similar condition called A**holeitis.)

They are athletes, entertainers, businessmen, doctors, lawyers, cops, and yes even plumbers. They sometimes are considered the “cream of the crop.” Ladies these are the guys that don’t give you a birthday, Christmas or Valentines Day present and expect you to give up the goodies. And what do you do because they are so irresistible? Give up the goodies. Not because you are desperate but because they are definitely drop dead gorgeous and someone to add to the perfect list. They have beautiful eyes, a flawless body and you can guarantee that kids with this man would be at the worst cute. He might have been the best or worst but he’s definitely someone you could brag about to your lonely hating ass friends.


1. Jealous: This guy’s jealousy is off the charts because he can not understand why he doesn’t get all the attention.

2. Conceited: Confidence and being conceited are two completely different things. What lady doesn’t like a strong confident man? However, being conceited is not rooted in understanding your value but feeling that you are better than others. Humility is a key component of a relationship. Without humility between significant others there can be a lot of problems.

3. Mean & Neglect: If he does not value or treat women (mother, sisters, grandmother) in his life correctly, this is a strong indicator he will not respect or treat you adequately in the future. If your sex symbol is neglectful in his life it won’t take too long for him to neglect you. Word to the wise pay attention to indicators early in the relationship. Watch how he treats women in his relationships and observe how he treats family and friends.

4. Fears Commitment: If this hunk can’t keep a “job” there must be something wrong with his working habits or maybe he just doesn’t like to go to “work.” No serious relationship or too many short relationships are a sign of a problem.

5. Blamer: This pretty boy cannot seem to figure out why his relationships seem to end so short. He tries to blame his significant other for his imperfections. This prevents him from working on himself and growing as a person.


Get rid of him! He’s just a pretty loser. You can do way better. Being attractive isn’t everything.

Common Sense?

Ladies finding a man is about finding a balance. He may not be perfect but there are key characteristics he should have such as loyalty, responsibility and honesty. Being attractive will only get you so far. (If he was a dog when you meet him what makes you think he’s going to change now?)

Finding a man that cares more about himself then you = COSTLY!

Not settling and finding a man that appreciates you for you. = PRICELESS!

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