Trusting Your Intuition

Call it female intuition, I can feel the competition may be the lyrics of Rihanna’s “Intuition” song, but women have been trusting- and denying- their intuitions for ages. When it was recently reported that singer Fantasia was dating a married man who was separated from his wife, one couldn’t help but wonder if she knew he was married at first, and if she decided to go against her gut once she started to date him. Regardless of what Fantasia might have done in her situation, how does a woman know when to trust her intuition? Although there are no set rules for when to pay attention to your gut, here are five surefire scenarios when you should:

-If your intuition is telling you same exact thing that your mother, sister and friends have been telling you for months.

-If you feel emotionally distressed when you try to ignore your intuition.

-If you rarely trust your gut, and always find yourself in situations that you probably could’ve avoided.

-If you find yourself singing Keyshia Cole’s “Shoulda Let You Go” over and over again.

-If you find physical proof that proves your intuition to be correct.

—— By: Crystal Tate


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