What Makes a Big Man Attractive?

While it’s common to hear a woman describe her ideal man as “tall, dark and handsome” or something along those lines, it’s not unheard of to find women who find men who aren’t necessarily the most physically appealing to the eye just as attractive as those who are considered “handsome.” When we think of famous rappers like the late Notorious B.I.G or Rick Ross and the swarms of women who go after these men, we can’t help but think that perhaps it’s more than just the green that catches their eye and keeps them around. Here’s what some of the closest women to these stars had to say about their sex appeal:

Faith, ex-wife of Biggie: In 2005, Faith told The Independent, “I loved Biggie’s sense of humor, and I think he was attracted to my independence and intelligence. I was a single mom with a car and an apartment and money in the bank. He thought I was the best thing he’d ever met. That was how he made me feel.”

Lil Kim on Biggie: In 1999, Lil Kim was quoted saying, “He was everything to me…Biggie was the only person I will ever love and have ever loved, period.”

Trina on Rick Ross: Trina has collaborated with Rick Ross on numerous songs, and she told SingersRoom Exclusively, “I love Rick Ross. He is a great person, and a friend of mine; He’s my brother. His confidence and leadership is attractive – he’s a boss! Some women love bigger guys because these men are like big teddy bears, and they are their personal protector too. Personally to me, it’s not the size of a person that attracts you, it is the size of their heart and how they make that special person feel inside. That is what truly matters!”

So whether it’s their sense of humor, confidence or undeniable love, some bigger men are able to woo a woman just as much or possibly even more than the most attractive and desirable man. This just might prove that looks really aren’t everything.
—— By: Crystal Tate


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