Top 10 Reasons To Date or Not Date A Basketball Player

The fame and fortune might attract you, as well as his fine looks and charming personality but there are too many potential problems that you will have to deal and stress over and over again. Ask Shaunie, Shaquille Oneal’s ex-wife, she can tell the ups and downs the life brings. She was cheated on; allegedly Gloria Govan’s sister slept with him when he was married to Shaunie. So now she has to work with someone that knows what really went down, but won’t tell her a thing. Seems like the drama does not end once you file for divorce.

Top 10 Reasons NOT to be a Basketball player’s wife

1. He will bring drama into your life
2. You will never be able to trust him, thanks to the groupies
3. He can be arrogant and flirtatious
4. Basketball is his passion and priority
5. Your friends might even want him
6. Can cause your friends to envy you and what you have
7. During the season you will barely see him
8. His career entails attending events & parties
9. More money, more problems
10. He is a Basketball PLAYER for a living, he’s bound to cheat

Basketball WivesGloria Govan, soon to be Gloria Barnes, is a great example of how marvelous life can be. As seen in Basketball Wife’s, she spends quality time with her fiancée, Matt Barnes, and children. She stays away from the gossip and drama. She believes Matt is faithful but Evelyn Lozada, Antoine Walker’s ex-wife and Jennifer Williams, Eric William’s wife, think she is being naïve. Gloria’s response to that is, it is the wife’s choice to stay or leave once she finds out her husband is or has cheated, whether it be a garbage man or basketball player.

Top 10 Reasons to be a Basketball’s wife

1. First class trips
2. Front row seats at the games
3. You get to live in your dream home
4. For the fame and fortune
5. Shopping sprees whenever you want
6. Your husband will be in great shape
7. You get to go to fancy restaurants all the time
8. You can hire a cook, driver, and cleaning person.
9. You can have a Louie bag for each day of the week and then some.
10. You get to be a stay at home mom

Would you leave or stay?

—— By: Karina Martinez


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