Men Sex & Love: Why are you single?

A. By choice

Freedom is your thing, and you refuse to be told what to do, where to go, and who to hang with. You simply don’t have time, you are busy working, being a single parent, or don’t have time to date. Your priority right now is not a relationship. You are concentrated on your career, education, and/or self. You prefer to come as you please, without any rules or emotional attachments.

B. Haven’t met Mr/Ms Perfect

Tall, dark, handsome, etc… Sound familiar, do you have a long list of criteria a person must meet to be able to date you? Your standards are set high and you refuse to settle. Instead you choose to wait for that perfect one, whom you can bring home to your parents. They must earn a certain amount of money, have a certain education level, and be an honest, loving and respectful person.

C. Fear

Been through some rough relationships and have built a wall to protect yourself from getting hurt ever again. You think all men/women are the same. They cheat, lie, and play you. They will never change, why bother, you ask yourself. The smallest thing will turn you away from meeting people. You are consumed with negativity, without even given the other person an opportunity to show you there is hope.

Whatever the reason, time is on your side. If you want to be in a relationship, open up your eyes and heart, let go of the fears and past. Be ready to meet that person that will bring joy and happiness into your life. Now if you want to mingle, don’t fool others and be upfront about it. Come as you are in all cases!

Tell us why you’re single?
—— By: Karina Martinez


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