Are There Rules on Being Friends or Lovers?

Friendships can be complicated, like any other relationships, but how complicated can a platonic friendship be? Can you have a man be your BFF? If you are in an existing romantic relationship, then jealousy and insecurity are bound to cause arguments. Does he have the right to be? Absolutely! Based on my experience, bonding and spending a lot of time together with a male friend can make you confused about how you feel about him or him about you. That love can be mistaken for “in love” love or infatuation because you get along so well, or simply be brother-sister love.

What to do:

Keep your male friend around, if he truly is your friend and respects your decision to spend less time with him once you have a boyfriend. That is the one that loves you like a sister and can never even imagine being intimate with you. On the other hand, ditch him if he confesses his love for you and you don’t feel the same. This may potentially harm your relationship with your boyfriend and the relationship between you two. Things will definitely be awkward after a confession like that, he may even become jealous of your boyfriend. Or the other way around if you are the one that ends up having feelings for him. Now, if you both have mutual feelings, then go for it. I have heard many happy endings from friends turned lovers. The fact is a friendship builds a strong and solid foundation to a successful and healthy relationship.

Be cautious when a man asks, “Can I be your friend?”, chances are he is asking to be your lover. Look for someone that can be both your friend and lover.

Watch Usher’s “Lovers & Friends” below…

—— By: Karina Martinez


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