Suck My Toes: Freaky or Nasty

She Say – Men with foot fetishes are CRAZY!

Yeah, I said it; if a man tells you “I have a Foot Fetish” go on ahead and mark him in the “crazy/stalker” box. Now, I know some of you may ask, “Why does a man liking women’s toes have to be crazy?” Here it goes…

She Said – Don’t Touch My Toes

Men who have foot fetishes usually are toe suckers. If you don’t think that’s crazy just know, while some women may think, ooh I bet that’d feel good… Someone putting your foot in their mouth should turn you off. Just imagine all the walking and running you do during the day; or how about in the summer time where you’re wearing flip flops and your feet are black on the bottom. Do you still think your foot is an ideal appetizer to dinner? THEN let’s say you decided to get together with toe boy, then every time you kiss your new man, you get a taste of your feet and who knows how many other feet you’re putting in your mouth.

Then after they suck your toes they become so enamored with you, you gain a new shadow. Don’t believe me? Besides, knowing this from a personal experience, to further my argument we could cite “Let’s Talk about Pep” Cast member Kitty. Her escapade with the toe sucking (financial advisor or whatever he did), could be summed up as none other than crazy. The first time he sucked on her toes he replies “Tastes like Meatloaf.” Now, if that statement alone isn’t crazy, and completely disgusting in and of itself, he goes on to suck her toes another time in a restaurant at their table no less. After that second time he was hooked and proceeded to follower her around the following day while she ran errands…even went with her to get a pedicure, while he got one as well and proceeded to coach the manicurist on how to do a good job. Again, this brother oozes crazy! While, this is after all a reality show so he could have simply been an isolated experience of insanity. I can personally attest, Toe Sucking men, those that have done it or threaten to do it, are crazy as well as gross!

But, this is my take on it anyway let’s hear the argument from the other side of the aisle.

He Said – Addicted Toe Sucker

You can hate on foot lovers if you want, only because you have not been able to enjoy the experience. As a toe sucker I look at is as another way to massage the feet. I don’t just accept any toes. I need pedicured feet that look sexy in or out a shoe. When a woman comes home I relax her by massaging her feet than sucking her toes. Yes I said. I take care of a woman. After toe licking it usually leads to other pleasuring exercises. It’s not just the physical, my actions of sucking toes is a selfless act that pleases both parties, so why would I stop something that makes my lady happy. Y’all are missing out.

So, there you have it, our sides will never agree unless the lady can appreciates it. It’s one thing to massage a foot but another situation to put said foot in your mouth. But, we’re too split on the issue…Ya’ll be the judge what do you think? Are Toe Suckers, Crazy or Generous?

—— By: Lauren Walker


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