Valentine Day – Being Cheap Is Showing Love

It’s that time of the year, where unlike Christmas; most people find themselves at a loss for what to get their special someone. You don’t want to go all out because it’s Valentine’s Day, but you don’t want to put in little effort either.

Well, here is my list of Valentine’s Day Must-haves that you can get that special someone, use for yourself, or share with your special guy or girl to make it truly special.

1) Be a “Soldier of Love”: If you haven’t heard (or have been living under a rock), the indomitable and lovely Sade has dropped her long awaited (I waited 10 years for this) album, “Soldier of Love” on Tuesday and it is fire. Play this on your iPod dock, or set the mood through your sound system, with some mellow, sultry and smooth grooves. With singles like “Skin,” you can’t go wrong. For added romance, play it while sitting in front of a cozy fire (with or without a boo), especially if you’re facing crazy snow on the East Coast.

2) Get your “Emeril” on: Who says you have to spend a small fortune at a fancy restaurant? It won’t be as intimate because couples will come out in droves! Instead of going out and sharing “your” time, stay in and treat your man/lady (or yourself) to a sumptuous meal. Try these Oysters with Frozen Champagne Mignonette from! Oysters are an aphrodisiac too!

3) Make a video: Do something different, and make a cute video montage of your pictures, and or videos, from past trips or past events (weddings, births, etc.) of you and your honey and gift it to your main squeeze. It’s showing him or her that you treasure your past moments that will really drive your feelings for them home.

4) Rub it out: I don’t know about you, but a massage is something I can always go for. Make an “appointment” for a massage, and give each other a thorough massage. Make sure to pay extra attention to those tense areas. Try Kama Sutra’s Sweet Almond Oil for starters. If you’re single, you can get a massage too. Hit up your local spa, like Gene Juarez or Red Door for example, and schedule some “you” time. Everyone loves (and needs) a massage.

5) Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn: Don’t want to stay at home, but don’t want to go out either? Looking for a change of scenery? Make it a “stay-cation” and go to a hotel in your city. I’ve done this and it’s always fun. We never have to go “out” if we don’t want to. Make it a nice hotel, complete with a nice bar and room service and you’ll be good to go!

6) Skip the cheap chocolates: Don’t raid your CVS or Walgreen’s yet for candy yet. Instead, make a yummy Red Velvet cake, complete with heart shaped decorations and/or red and white frosting (or even candy hearts). You can also make your own candy!

7) Catch a show: Check out your local lounge or comedy club and catch a comedian or watch a live band perform. Two years ago, a Frank Sinatra impersonator came out to perform at The Triple Door. It was sold out in no time. You don’t have to go see an impersonator, but there are bound to be shows, plays or performances for couples who don’t feel like eating or exchanging gifts.

8) Step in the name of love: If you want to get a little more interactive, take some dance lessons with your sweetie. Get extra close while learning to salsa dance or tango. Check your local paper online in the weekend section to see if there are any classes. Single? Don’t worry. It’s a good time to go alone (or with a friend) and meet another single guy or girl who’s looking for someone to dance with. It also beats the busy club scene.

9) Scavenger hunt: Leave notes with romantic sayings and sexy quips all over your house so that your boo can find them when they least expect it. Put it in his briefcase or in his coat pocket, and put it in her purse or with her lunch for a pleasant surprise.

10) Write on it: Instead of relying on greeting cards, write your own poem for your man or your lady telling them how much they mean to you. Write about specific times in your relationship that really mean a lot to you (your first date, getting married, your first kiss, your first dance, etc.). It’s more personal, and will come off more sincere.

No matter what you do for V-Day, make sure that it’s sincere and heartfelt. Usually, that’s all people care about on Valentine’s Day. Even more importantly, remember that Valentine’s Day is more than just ONE day. Treat your significant other (or yourself) with love and affection as much as you can. There are 364 other days in the year, you know!

—— By: Tiffany – Seattle Slim


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