Valentine’s Day: Not Just For Lovers

With Valentine’s Day closely approaching, it’s a good time to examine exactly what this widely celebrated holiday really means. For women, it’s a day when we expect our significant other to really express their love for us with flowers, candy, and/or jewelry. This is a time when men are really on the hook as opposed to the women. Men don’t really expect anything in return, except maybe a little thank you sex later on. For most, that’s all the gift they need! But, what happens when your significant other does not get you anything or totally blows the holiday off? Does it mean he doesn’t love you or is there a bigger issue at hand? Maybe you aren’t as important to him as you think? Perhaps he was just broke and afraid to tell you. At any rate, if you really love someone you shouldn’t let Valentine’s Day define your relationship.

Valentine’s Day was an original holiday of romance named after a patron saint. The month of February is looked upon to be the month of romance. So, what does it all mean to the single people who are not in a relationship and have no significant other? For some, Valentine’s Day is just another reminder of the loneliness of being single. So fellas, why not do something special for the single sister, cousin, niece, or homegirl in your life? You know, the one you run to for advice when things aren’t going right for you and your lady? The one who consoles you and tells you that everything is going to be okay. Valentine’s Day should be an overall expression of love and thanks to all who are in your life, not just your significant other. Ladies, we can do the same. We all have that single brother, cousin, uncle, or homie that we run to when things get rough. I’m sure they would appreciate a little love too.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!
—— By: Tiffany Haggerty


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