Men Sex & Love:Love in all the Wrong Places

We all want to find our perfect match. It’s a new year, and we’re not getting any younger, now is a great time to find love. Then all those eHarmony and commercials, why not give it a try right? For those that aren’t ready to take the internet leap in your search for love yet, let’s be sure we don’t go looking for love in the following bad-idea places:

5.) Court – Weather it’s family court, your arraignment for assault charges or jury duty, You usually don’t find a lasting relationship in a place that screams ISSUES, yours or anybody else’s whatever brings you to court, just imagine your “new boy/girlfriend’s” situation is way worse. If anything get their name and start chatting on Facebook, but don’t go to pay your speeding ticket dressed for the prom, because Court does not equal a love connection.

4.) The Clinic – Just like with court, whatever you may be there for imagine, your new “Boo” is in there for something a lot worse, not saying that everyone that goes to the doctor has something contagious, but, why find that out from personal experience.

3.) Nightclub– It’s cool that both of ya’ll like to go out and party, and drink and dance all night, but getting “macked” in the club is the quickest way to a one night stand. I’m not saying a club-berthed relationship never works; let’s just say the success rate doesn’t tip the scales in favor of a lasting relationship. Basically, when it comes to why most nightclub matches don’t work, like Transformers, there’s more than meets the eye…Always.

2.) Strip Club – This is almost the top place where to NEVER go to find love. The dancers: are Working, THEY DON’T LOVE YOU, no matter how much you tip (in most cases). And ladies, I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but any man you find in your visit to the club, you can safely conclude he’s a regular there. Even if he’s not a regular, you’ll still want him to cease all strip club visits after ya’ll get together, but he was a regular when you got with him, so there is a pending argument. Fellas: If you find your girlfriend in the Strip Club and she’s not in there working, be leery. Just stay away from The Strip Club on your love search, you’re just asking for future issues

1.) Reality Television Show -The number one place to NEVER EVER go to when looking for love is on a reality TV dating show. No matter how much of a fan of them you are, or how much you want to marry a millionaire, DON’T Do It! The main reason for shows like that is to make men and women look like complete and utter fools for a person they’re only physically attracted too and is probably dumb as a box of rocks! With the exception of Trista from ABC’s first installment of The Bachelorette, You will NOT find a lasting relationship on television, so avoid this mating ritual like the plaque.

I could go on but…I’ll leave that to ya’ll. There are a few loopholes, like if you’re at the clinic and meet a handsome doctor, or a lawyer while you’re in court; But those are chance meetings. The overall lesson from these top five is to not go looking for a mate in a place, that would cause problems later in the relationship. In fact, the best way to find love is to not be hunting for it at all, let it just come naturally.

—— By: Lauren M. Walker


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