Relationships: Taking It Too Far

We’ve all been there, love quarrels and arguments that we later regret. Most of us even get the chance to kiss and make up. Sure we’ve said some really hurtful things, burned clothes, and even thrown things out of the window. Most would say that it’s all apart of love. But when the argument gets so out of hand that someone ends up losing their life, there is ultimately no turning back. In the wake of what recently happened to Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry, it’s time to take a look at exactly when to pull back. Chris Henry died in an attempt to stop his fiancé from leaving after a heated argument. His effort to jump on the back of the pick up truck being driven by his fiancé resulted in him being thrown from the vehicle and ultimately dying from his injuries. One has to ponder how this death could have been avoided if one or the other had simply let it go. If she or he wants to leave, let them go. In the heat of the moment, we never stop and think of the consequences often until it’s too late. What would’ve happened if Chris’ fiancé would’ve simply stopped the truck? Unfortunately we will never know the answer to these questions. Three little children are now left fatherless and the fate of Chris’ fiancé has yet to be determined.

There’s nothing wrong with walking away from an argument. Sometimes it’s better to agree to disagree just to keep the peace. It’s human nature to want to ‘win’ an argument or let our partner know just who is running things. We must ask ourselves, is it really worth it? When all is said and done, tomorrow is a new day and the anger has usually subsided by then. Winning an argument is not worth paying for it with your life. Relationships have strong impacts on all of our lives. They shape us and mold us into the person we are, whether it was good or bad. With each experience we take something away and learn a little more about ourselves. It’s time to stop and think about what you want to take away from a relationship, sometimes it’s just better to pull back and let it go.
—— By: Tiffany Haggerty


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