Jason Derulo: Perfect Timing

Waiting for your time is hard when you watch people succeeding with your ideas. Singer/songwriter awaited his chance to take center stage as he wrote songs for Pleasure P, Donnie Klang and Cassie. In preparation for his fate as an artist he educated himself in New York at American and Dramatic Academy grooming his talent. The patience paid off with by having his first single “Watcha Say” reach number one on the Billboard charts. Derulo is now only looking forward for continuous success introducing fans to his words and voice.

Singersroom: After watching songwriters like Ne-Yo & Keri Hilson become stars did that give inspiration you that it you could transition to being in front of the mic?
Jason Derulo: No, I never really set out to be a songwriter at all. My goal has always been to be a singer. Songwriting kind of just fell in my lap and it was part of the journey. But it was no inspiration from anybody else, it was not like that.

Singersroom: Were there any records you wrote for other artist that you wish you kept?
Jason Derulo: Um, no. I think everything happens for a reason. It was a little frustrating for me, because these artists got to be the voice while I was behind the scenes, where I always wanted to be the person delivering my lyrics and stuff. It feels really good that I can do that at this stage. I feel really comfortable writing for other people now. I co-wrote “Replay” for Eyaz, which is a really big song now too. So, yeah I’m going to continue to write for other people.

Singersroom: I know “Whatcha Say” reference something that your brother went through. Did you take any other song topics from you family’s situation?
Jason Derulo: Yeah, all the time…You know, I’m twenty years old and I’m always in the studio. I don’t think I have experienced that much at this point being that I’m only twenty and I’m always working. I try to pull from real life all the time but not always my life but people around me.

Singersroom: Can you describe the first time you perform?
Jason Derulo: At a major show I was probably like seven [years old], I remember performing “Ben” by Michael Jackson. Before I had to go on stage I literally had to be pushed on stage, I was so nervous. I remember like a bouncer kind of guy was back there and I was telling him “I’m so nervous, I’m not going, I’m not going, I’m not doing it!” and he actually lifted me up and put me on the stage. Once I got out there I was okay and it was like home. It’s still like that to this day, before I go on stage I get a little nervous backstage, but once I go on it’s all good.

Singersroom: What were you doing when you heard the song was #1 on Billboard?
Jason Derulo: I was sleeping and the president of my label called me and he played a little joke on me actually. He was like: “I’m tired of this! I can’t deal with this anymore, I have to be honest with you, things are falling apart and I just can’t take it anymore! I just had to tell you…YOU’RE NUMBER 1 ON THE BILLBOARD CAHRTS!” (Laughing) I was like ”Wow! That’s Crazy!”

Singersroom: On “Whatcha Say” you describe breaking a heart. Have you had your first heartbreak?
Jason Derulo: Yes, I was fourteen years old and I was dating this girl and she was like three years older than me. At that time I was like going to different record labels and things were kind of looking up for me. As soon as that didn’t go through, she just started acting different and she cheated on me. It was just terrible. Yeah, I was fourteen years old and that was my first heartbreak…but hey, I got a lot of good songs out of it! (chuckling)

Singersroom: Well, that’s true and that’s what I was going to ask next actually, How do you deal with heartbreak?
Jason Derulo: Yeah, songwriting is definitely my outlet.

Singersroom: Have you ever broke someone else’s heart?
Jason Derulo: Uh…No. I’m not a heartbreaker.

Singersroom: Okay, that’s good keep it that way, people don’t like heartbreakers. What type of women do you look to date?
Jason Derulo: I think the woman with the biggest heart wins for me every time. I’m a very charitable guy myself, and I would like my woman to be the same way. I cut my hair, fourteen inches of hair to donate to ‘Locks of Love’ for children with cancer and various diseases that are going through chemo and things like that; I’m constantly giving to different charities and I like women who are like that. I really like women who have a big heart and will do for others before they do for themselves.

Singersroom: Let me put you on the spot…If you were to propose to that special lady, how would you do it?
Jason Derulo: I would take her out on a boat. Just me her and the sailor, and have a bottle floating around and look like I just found the bottle. Break open the bottle, and a ring would be in there and I would get on one knee and propose to her right there amongst all the ocean.

Singersroom: If you could date any celebrity who would it be and why?
Jason Derulo: I would say, Megan Fox. Yeah, she’s pretty sexy.

Singersroom: What are you trying to convey with this new album?
Jason Derulo: I’m just really trying to introduce myself as a musician. This album took a lot out of me, for eight months I recorded 300 songs, put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this album, in trying to create something special something that would last through the times. I just really want people to get to know me on this one. I have no real like collaborations on it, it’s really just me. That was done on purpose, because I really want people to get to know Jason Derulo, for who he is as a person as a artist and as a musician. That’s what I’m sending out there. My album is really a music lover’s album and I’m really excited for people to get to listen to it and get to know me.
—— By: Interview By Lauren M. Walker


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