One ‘Gimme’ Too Many

Is cheating automatic grounds for ending a relationship? How many times can you forgive a person for cheating? Is it really believable when the person says that they didn’t mean for it to happen, or “they just got caught up?” Many women believe that once a man cheats and gets away with it, he will continue to do so. Many men also believe the same for a woman. We all know there are two sides to every story and the “cheater” always wants to be forgiven. For a woman, it’s a sense of betrayal that we can never get past. Once a man has cheated, every time he would touch me, I would picture him touching her. Every time he would kiss me, I would close my eyes and see him doing the same to her. We always wonder in the back of our minds, “does he love her?” or “did he tell her the same things he’s telling me?” For most people, once the trust factor has been violated, there is no turning back.

Then there are others out there who will allow you the one “gimme”, that is, the one time to mess up clause. That clause only works for certain people, though. If you are dealing with an individual who thinks they are so good that they will never get caught or so smooth that they can talk their way out of anything, this clause simply WILL NOT WORK. He or she will just think you are dumb for staying and believe they can walk all over you. It also depends on the number of years you have invested in the relationship and if there are children involved. It’s hard for a woman to walk away from a man who is also the father of her children. Sure, most of us thought R. Kelly’s wife was out of her mind when she stated that she supported her husband and had never viewed the famous video. Not long after she made that statement did she also file for divorce! Again, the trust factor had been violated over and over again. It soon comes down to them or you. How much do you love this other person, or how much do you love yourself? Everyone is standing back now, waiting to see if Tiger Woods’ wife is going to stay or file for divorce. You have to consider that Tiger cheated multiple times, so his ‘one gimme’ went out the window a long time ago. You can’t blame him for trying though. He did issue a heartfelt apology and expressed his deep disappointment in himself. Hey, it worked when Kobe did it! —— By: Tiffany Haggerty


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