Men, Sex & Love: Knowing Your Place As The Other Woman

No one wants to be cheated on but it happens. In light of the recent infidelity issues of professional golfer Tiger Woods in his marriage it raised a question of being the other woman and knowing your role. In no way do I agree with what Tiger has done to cause pain and embarrassment to his family but it is an issue that needs to be addressed. If you are going to accept the role of the other woman you need to know how to play your position.

Most times when high status men have a mistress it’s not without knowing what is expected. It’s sort of like a barter system. The other woman gives him what he feels he’s lacking at home and in return he takes care of this woman and her entire lifestyle. It’s a very materialistic lifestyle. You are now shopping at the finer boutiques, getting the best spa treatments, taking lavish vacations, given cars, condos, houses, etc. This is all depending on what caliber of man you are dealing with but this is done to keep everyone happy. The man is happy because he’s sort of getting the best of both worlds, the woman is happy because she is being taken care of with a lifestyle she wouldn’t normally be able to afford, and the wife is kept in the dark away from the reality of what her marriage has become.

In some cases it happens as smoothly as described as above but when the mistress forgets her place things get messy. What I mean by messy is getting attached and somehow thinking he is going to leave his wife for you. Or you may think going to the press will get you your 15 minutes of fame and possibly some kind of celebrity by association status. In some cases it does when you have television networks giving out reality shows and other programming that has destroyed substantial television shows.
Unfortunately we do live in a world infidelity and prostitution does exist. That’s give or take what being a mistress is but you just have longer contracts with your clients. So if you are thinking about taking the role of a mistress / other woman know what you are getting into before you make that decision. If you can’t handle or control your emotions it’s not for you. As morally wrong it is….It’s strictly business!

—— By: Summer Terry


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