Men, Sex, Love: Why Do We Let Our Prince Charming Go?

As a little girl we’re fed to believe the fairy tale romance stories. The ones where the prince charming climbs up the tower to save us or better yet we’re told we will have to kiss a lot of frogs before we ever find out prince charming. As you get older and you’ve been through bad relationship after bad relationship your belief in prince charming begins to fade to black. By the time we meet a guy who is close to the image we’ve carried in our dreams we bring the baggage and pain from past situations into the new one and sabotage it. Why do we do this when we’ve clearly found the one?

Being hurt is a chance you take in every relationship but so is falling in love. Not every man should pay for the last man’s mistake. Through years of dating we gain so much experience dating men that we maybe shouldn’t have been dating and when we find a man of substance and character we let him go. Why? Well I say it’s because we trick ourselves into believing that it is only a matter of time before this man hurts me so we ruin it. We ruin it with insecurity issues, trust issues or whatever else we may have developed in past turmoil relationships. As a result that good man will move on to someone who can appreciate him. Once you come to the realization that he’s the one how do you get him back? Some believe that you should never move backwards. In most cases the term “ex” is used for a reason. But if you truly believe that this person is the one for you I say you FIGHT! Not physically, but emotionally to remind that person why they fell in love with you in the first place. Although, before you decide to try to win over the affection of an ex you need to truly decide if you want this person back and to what extent you feel they are the one. Singer Dondria‘s song “You’re The One“, produced by Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox, brings these emotions out as she opens the song with

“I don’t believe that we were put together, not to be together/
And I don’t believe there’s anyone out there, that can love me better/
I don’t believe that you know how much I miss seeing your pretty smile/
Of course we had our ups and downs, but I gotta have you around me/
I feel it all over my body/ I dream about you when I sleep/
You’re the one for me/ You’re the one for me”

So ladies appreciate what you have when you got it and you won’t have to go through this. We all know no one is perfect and in relationships everyone makes mistakes. It’s up to you to measure and compare the severity of the mistake, whether you can truly move past it, and how you truly feel about this person. There are good guys out there but it’s hard to notice them when you have preconceived notions on what their intentions are. Don’t be afraid to let that man love you, support you, and treat you like you always dreamed a prince would treat his princess. Fairy tales can come true! —— By: Summer Terry


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