Reggie Hamlet: Composing The Vision

Learning how to create a beat has become much simpler through computer and software but the skills of becoming a producer are more than a click of the mouse. At first glance it may seem like music producers are merely composing a group of sounds but the truth is the producer helps provide the vision to lyrics, direction for the performer and orchestrate the total composition of the song. Reggie Hamlet went through training to become a music producer rather than a beat maker. In our interview with Mr. Hamlet, we discuss his is road to becoming a producer and what it takes to make a successful record.

Singersroom: How did you get into producing?

Reggie Hamlet: Well first I was a part-time musician before a producer. I played more than one instrument: bass guitar, drums, keyboards as well as sing. Through the gift of God my parents got me into playing in the church. I started out on the road playing jazz and playing for different top artist but I still could not play all of the instruments at once so I got into the mind of composing. I met up with Walter Winbush who inspired me, pushed me and got me going in the right direction. This gave me the opportunity to meet up with a musician/producer by the name of Troy Oliver. I started sitting and recording in the studio with him and Cory Rooney and other producers in the industry. I just started playing for different artists albums and that is where the process started.

Singersroom: What is the process for producing a successful record?

Reggie Hamlet: A record has to have a great melody, good rhythm, good sound and originality.

Singersroom: What projects have you worked on that have had the biggest impact in your career?

Reggie Hamlet: I would have to say Jennifer Lopez, Mario and J. Holiday.

Singersroom: How do you deal with the pressures of being a producer in today’s competitive market?

Reggie Hamlet: You just deal with it. You put in hard work, sweat and tears. Go at it with your whole mind, body and soul. Laziness is not allowed. There are tons of producers out there so you always have to stay on top of your game.

Singersroom: How important is the role of a producer to the success of a record?

Reggie Hamlet: Having a great producer is very important to contributing to the way a record is composed. As a producer it’s important for you to have your own signature sound. It’s the producers’ job to know what the people at the clubs like. Also, having a great producer makes a songwriter’s job easier. A producer puts his personality into his music so when a songwriter comes in they can feed off you’re energy and you both can create something crazy.

Singersroom: Are there any producers that have inspired you to get to where you are in your career today?

Reggie Hamlet: Yes…Walter Winbish, Troy Oliver and Cory Rooney have been my inspiration.

Singersroom: Do you have any new projects you are working on?

Reggie Hamlet: Currently I am working with an artist by the name of Range who is based out of New York. He’s into songwriting and producing just as I am. I am also working with new artists Asia Cruise out of Florida and Star Roell.

Singersroom: Are there any artist that you would love to work with that you haven’t had the opportunity to work with yet?

Reggie Hamlet: I really don’t have any preferences because as a producer I feel that I can create music for any genre. However, I would love to work with Usher and even Kelly Clarkson. Kelly Clarkson’s sound is so hot right now. She is able to do her thing in pop and in rock.

Singersroom: What advice could you offer for aspiring producers?

Reggie Hamlet: My advice would be for them to work hard and don’t give up. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. There are so many opportunities out there for someone wanting to be a writer or producer in the industry so the first step would be to have a clear understanding of the industry itself. You should also get as much experience as you can. Also learn to set your own lane instead of following along with other producers.

Singersroom: What do you love most about R&B?

Reggie Hamlet: R&B tells a story that touches your soul. It’s a universal sound that even countries like Japan are embracing. —— By: Interview By Nisha Yvette


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