Men, Sex, Love: Are we too picky?

Single men and women often talk about what their “perfect” man or woman would be like. They list things like having someone who cooks, cleans, listens, encourages, financially stable, and looks good in a g-string. However, because we are not living in a “perfect” world, finding a person who is completely without fault is so unheard of. We all have our quirks about ourselves that others might look at in disgust. So why try to seek out someone who is perfect when we ourselves are far from it. Could we put up with the guy that cooks and does laundry but leaves the toilet seat up? Can we deal with the woman that washes dishes and iron clothes but snores like a train every night? When it comes to love, relationships and making relationships work, you must know that no one is perfect and if you keep seeking someone so artificial then that is the type of relationship that you will end up with.

There are so many people in the world that will forever remain single because they are not open enough to accept a person with their flaws and all. This type of person should take a look at themselves in the mirror and really evaluate who they are, inside and out. Maybe then they will realize that they too have issues and habits that someone else would perceive as intolerable. As you mature you should realize that when it comes to relationships all that glitters isn’t gold. We often make lists that only include physical features like pretty eyes, plump lips and good hair. While it is okay to love these things about the opposite sex, let’s not forget what is really important…the inside. Remember, just because a man or women seems picture perfect on the outside it doesn’t mean that they are just as pretty on the inside. I have had a number of conversations with men who state how they fell head over heels with a woman based on her outer appearance and what she does in the bed only to have their hearts broken because they didn’t look at the woman for what is important in building a strong relationship.

When I see a couple like Beyonce and Jay-Z, I often wonder how the two ever met because they just look so odd together but it’s obvious they have found ways to keep their love exciting and strong. Sometimes we look too deep when it comes to finding love. We miss out on what could be a great relationship with someone by looking too deep into what we want in a partner versus just letting nature take its course.

Start looking beyond the lists and see how many “potentials” were overlooked. —— By: Nisha Yvette


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