Loving Yourself Enough To Move On

Love can be such a powerful thing. It can keep you in a situation that may not typically be the best situation for you. After all the happy days are long gone and coupled with secrecy, deceit, and betrayal when does it come to that point when you start to love yourself enough to move on?

When you love someone that you have history with but they have wronged you in so many ways, how can you still call that love? I used to think that love was this genuine emotional connection between two people. Granted there is always going to be someone who may always have a piece of your heart but that does not mean you have to stay with them especially if they are not deserving of it. If at some point it is causing you nothing but pain why hold on? Is it the hope of them changing? It is sad but very true how women are so damn forgiving. Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is you can’t change a man into being the man you want him to be. It won’t work so don’t try! It’s more worth it to let him go and work on being the man he wants to become.

In Toni Braxton’s new song “Yesterday” she gives a good example of this by stating in the first verse:

“Gave you the benefit of the doubt
Till you showed me what your all about
True colors came out”

For whatever reason people stay in unhealthy situations there is always a breaking point. A person can only take but so much of your late nights of working overtime, your walking through the door drenched in another woman’s’ perfume, the mysterious callers who constantly call and hang up, or anything else the trifling counterpart has been subjecting their mate to. There is always that underlining question of whether they even see how much pain they are causing the one who loves them. Not one bit! When cheaters are out fooling around the last thing on their mind is their loved ones at home. They are living in that specific moment and relishing that little bit of happiness or fulfillment they feel they are lacking at home. Instead of communicating with their partners they dig themselves in a whole until it’s too late and the damage is done. That’s when the line is drawn and the love is broken.

It is then, that you come to the decision to love yourself enough to move on. As Toni sings the hook of “Yesterday” feeling good about her new found confidence to leave she belts out:

“I’m done with this
Feeling like an idiot
Lovin you, I’m over it
I just don’t love you, don’t love you no more

You, you are so yesterday
Never thought you’d lose my love this way
Now you’ve come back begging me to stay

Say, you, you are so yesterday
Won’t let you rain on my parade
Don’t wanna hear a thing you say
So yesterday”
—— By: Summer Terry


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