Men, Sex & Love: When A Man Is Fed Up

Some say artists create the soundtrack of our lives with the songs they sing. Each word, each line, every chorus, and every bridge evoke the emotions that some internalize when we do not have the words to say. We all know that feeling when it seems like that song is either talking to you, at you, or about your exact situation. Either way we relate to them. In regards to the warning signs of when a man loves you or is fed up with you I think Chrisette Michele describes it best in her new single “What You Do” featuring Ne-Yo. She begins the second verse with:

“Say it with your actions, say it in the way you touch, and the things that you do for us, I don’t wanna be mean, but when it comes to this love, saying it just ain’t enough”

Ms. Chrisette has a valid point because men will tell women anything they think women want to hear. Men have never been the great communicators in relationships. Generally the women assume that role. We speak our mind and yes maybe too much, but that’s what great communicators do. Men and women are very different and when in a relationship each plays their respective roles. The women are looked at as the nurturers and the men are the supporters. All is fine and great when everyone plays their position. When each person forgets what they contribute to the relationship that’s when things go south. The only difference is when a woman notices a problem she won’t hesitate to utter the one thing men dread to hear. WE NEED TO TALK! Men are fairly different. It’s less about what they say and more about what they do. And this is just what Chrisette Michele is asking of in her chorus:

“No more I’m sorry, I love you, I need proof, baby boy it’s all in
What You Do!
I love you, if it’s true, baby boy it’s all in…
What You Do!”

When a man is fed up there are many warning signs although none of them are verbal. This means ladies we see them but we tend to ignore them. That once perfect man who adored spending time with you will start to distance himself from you and start to go out a lot more. The multiple phone calls a day will dwindle down to one phone call a day, then stretched out to maybe once a week. The little conversation you do get from him will be very strained as he is trying to send you the signal that there is nothing left to say without saying it. This man’s overall actions toward you change and his body language will tell you way more than he will ever say to you about his disgust for whatever it is that is causing him to react this way.

If you are living with a man who is fed up sometimes it’s even harder for us women to see the signs. More than often when two people make the decision to live together it’s because they are so in love and want to be together everyday. Then reality sinks in and people start to get too comfortable. Now issues arise in the relationship, but of course your man will not say a word. You’ll start to get the quiet treatment, those simple goodbye kisses in the morning vanish, and it will not bother him not to include you in anything anymore. There is one sign that women and men do share when they are fed up in the relationship and that’s sex. The sex and intimacy between the two of you changes and begins to disappear.

When a woman loves a man he has her heart no matter what foolish things he may do. We tend to see the person we once fell in love with and not the person who he has become. Because of that we are blind to the signs. Hopefully I’ve enlightened you a bit on what to look for…When A Man Is Fed Up!

—— By: Summer Terry


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