Ciara: My Rules For The First Date

How much do you know about Ciara? You might know that R&B/Pop superstar sold over 7 million records worldwide with her first two albums (Gooodies, Ciara: The Evolution), but do you know what makes her tick in a guy? In an interview with the May 09′ issue of Men’s Fitness Magazine, Ciara shares her rules about dating. We also added our 2-cents to her rules.

Proceed with Caution

“There’s no kissy-kissy, touchy-touchy on the first date.” This is a time of discovery, so connect emotional instead of physically

Keep It Simple

“The perfect date allows me to get to know a person’s personality. Even watching a movie, you can learn a lot about someone by what they laugh at.” No need to go crazy planning, you don’t know her enough to know what he/she really likes yet, so do something neutral where he/she can find out if you’re a good person and not psycho.

Walk the line

“My biggest turnoff is someone who is overconfident.” Don’t play Kanye’s albums when you go pick her up and LISTEN.

Listen Up

“Pay attention to the things I say, and my feelings.” – Share your own experiences about what he/she talks about, ask questions, be really concerned.

Be Her One and Only

“My ultimate fantasy is to be with somebody who loves me for me, and to be married to that person for the rest of my life – without having to worry about them cheating.” Lose the black book fellas!!!

So now that you have Ciara’s rules, what’s yours? Share with us here at Singersroom.

Pick up the May 2009 issue of Men’s Fitness to get more details. —— By: Gary Gentles


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