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Like one of his many hits, R&B singer Bobby V is “Turning The Page” by taking destiny into his own hands with the release of “The Rebirth,” his third studio album and first under his own label Blu Kolla Dreams.

With the phrase “You Know The Business” in mind, Bobby V explains the missing element of love in R&B, the club and the radio in this candid interview with

Known for the hit singles “Tell Me,” “Beep,” “Mrs. Officer” and “Anonymous” Bobby V also talks about the pressure of creating controversy to sell records; dealing with blog sites and internet rumors; and what he feels Barack Obama and Washington should have on their checklist.

Singersroom: Man you have a busy February lined up with your new album release, Valentine’s Day and of course your birthday. How does it feel to be stepping up to the plate with “The Rebirth” during February?

Bobby V It feels great. I’m an executive as well as an artist now and the lord has blessed me to really grow (both) musically and on the business side. I think when a lot of people get in this business they really just see the glitz and the glamour but you know at the end of the day it’s just a business. I tell people all the time it’s not the music business…it’s the business of music.

Not only am I one of the artists that want to be known for doing good music but also being a good businessman because I think that means a lot.

Singersroom: There’s a song on ‘The Rebirth’ titled “Make Me Say,” (sort of a follow up to Mrs. Officer with Lil Wayne) what type of woman makes you say “woo” as the song suggests?

Bobby V: A woman that really does the right things, says the right things. It’s like that perfect woman. That song is about me finding that person I’ve been looking for all my life. Like in the song I say “I can bring you around my momma or I can bring you around my daddy,” just like that person that’s more than just your companion but a friend too.

I feel like (she has to be) a woman that has it all. Definitely got herself together mentally, educated, about her business and got things going on for herself. A woman that’s looking good. Keeps herself up, really knows how to take care of man and can teach me a few things. A woman like that’ll make you say “Woo!”

Bobby ValentinoSingersroom: What would Valentine’s Day be like with a “Make Me Say” woman?

Bobby V: You know your boy Bobby V. is definitely going to do it big. I’m going to take a different approach to what every other dude is going to take. First of all as a man you gotta go the extra mile for a lady. I already know Valentine’s Day is probably going to be real cold so I might wanna plan an evening in the house instead of going out.

I wear many hats. I might have to go and prepare a nice meal…you know candlelight dinner with the rose pedals and all that stuff. Basically trying to give a woman something nice that she’ll remember and just trying to do something different with a young lady being spontaneous.

Singersroom: Okay, now on a more serious note, you made a statement that “R&B is dead” recently. In your opinion what is missing in R&B today?

Bobby V: People to me don’t really love anymore like they did back in the day. I remember growing up – when you went to a party the highlight was trying to get that special dance with that girl that you liked. You might just want her to hold you or you wanna hold her or you might just wanna try to rub on her booty.

Like when I was in middle school when we used to have those school dances (it was about) who was going to get that last dance. Now when you got to the club the DJ’s don’t even play slow music no more, even at the end of the night. They might play kind of like some groove music that you can step to but the slow jams are really out.

Singersroom: So there’s no love in the club…

Bobby V: Yeah, that’s why I feel like it’s needed, because we all love someone. Whether it’s your momma or your significant other, I feel that love is needed in today’s society with everything (that’s) going on. From the economy to everything. I feel like love and music bridge the gap. Love takes your worries away. Like when they say you feel like you’re floating in the clouds – it’s really like that. In music (now) I feel like you have to make records that radio will play. You gotta make a certain kind of record to fit in. That’s really taking the substance and love away from R&B like it used to be.

Singersroom: In talking about change…If you had to ask Barack Obama to fight for a particular effort what would it be?

Bobby V: Healthcare is important – providing healthcare for everybody. A lot of people are unemployed. Even people that’s in my family and friends of mine that have suffered from the economy. They’ve lost their job. A lot of people don’t have any health benefits. If anything happens, like if they get in a car accident. God forbid they get sick or anything. Like now, if you go to a hospital without health insurance they’ll just look at you like your crazy – that’s a major issue.

I do a lot of international traveling. I go a lot of places like Canada and places overseas and they have health care for everybody no matter what your economic status is. I think that’s some kind of tool to implement in the United States because right now if you got money then you’re straight but if you don’t have no money or no job then you not straight. I feel like there should be equality for all people.

Singersroom: Like Barack Obama and many others you completed your educational goals, specifically at Clark Atlanta University before stepping into the spotlight. Would you encourage talented teenagers to complete their education first or do you believe they should take any opportunity that presents itself and run with it?

Bobby V: I would say get your education. Just like we were talking about the economy – nothing is guaranteed. In all businesses like music and Hollywood…all that stuff is so simple.

Not only is it a sense of pride and accomplishment but it’s a sense of being prepared. I majored in Radio/TV at Clark Atlanta University and that prepared me to do things I’m doing now. I speak a lot through my foundation and doing radio and TV interviews. It’s just really (about) preparation and being well rounded…I think at the end of the day no matter if you’re an actor or singer you want to be well prepared. If you’re sitting at a round table with a group of people and they’re having a conversation you want to be able to step in that conversation and put your two cents in by sounding very intelligent and sounding educated. Things like that will take you far in life. Having that education is something that nobody can take away from you. It will always be something that will be for you instead of against you.

Bobby ValentinoSingersroom: Going back to something you said earlier, specifically the phrase: ‘the business of music’…the ‘Rebirth’ is a new beginning of sorts for you, much like the internet has become a new vehicle for promotion and distribution. Has the internet made Blu Kolla Dreams a bit easier for you in terms of getting ‘The Rebirth’ and your EP “Come With Me (2008)” out there?

Bobby V: Oh yeah man the internet, I feel like that’s the greatest invention ever. With anything it’s a ying and a yang. The bad part about it is people can kinda, you know, get your music free. But I look at it as a good thing, especially when you don’t have a lot of support, like a machine behind you or what not. You can reach out to millions of people through the internet versus locally. If I put it (a record) on the internet I can reach people overseas, on the west coast, east coast and everywhere. It’s a real good way to get exposure, especially for musicians that are trying to get their career started.

That’s how I leak my records now – through the internet. When I do a record in the studio and I feel like it’s hot I put it on the internet and people will give real feedback. They’re not in front of your face so they give you their honest opinion. I go on the blog sites and read some of the feedback that people are saying about my music whether they’re fans or people that just ran across that site.

Singersroom: That’s a good point because there’s a bad side to the internet too, how do you deal with the scrutiny of blogs and other websites?

Bobby V: It is what it is. One thing about it is you can’t take that stuff personal. When blog sites first got popular people used to say things about me that wasn’t true. Like I said, if I put a record out there and people be hating on it I used to take it personal. Now I’ve learned to take everything as positive feedback.

People are going to lie about you and say things about you that are not true. It comes with the territory. I do go on the blog sites and check out the gossip that be going on. It’s like the word on the street but you can’t take it to heart because you’ll be upset if you do.

Singersroom: I dig that. So you’re in agreement with the phrase ‘I’d rather have them talk about me then not talk about me at all’?

Bobby V: Yeah, you brought up a real good point. When nobody is talking about you, you’re cold as ice. When people are talking about you at least your on their minds. People keep telling me “Bobby you need to start some controversy”…”you need to go slap somebody” “you need to get locked up or something.”

I’m really about the music at the end of the day. I’m not really like getting caught up in trying to have controversy behind my project to help with the sales. I just want to put out good music.

If a million go buy it first week or 100,000 people go buy it first week at the end of day I want people to be like “damn that was a good album man, Bobby V. put out a good album” versus being like “dang Bobby V., he shot somebody and he sold a million first week and the album, it was alright, you know.”

Singersroom: Why should fans pick up “The Rebirth” in February?

Bobby V: Fans that have been down with me since day one, my style hasn’t changed so if you bought my first two albums and you liked them, then you’re going to love this one. I’ve grown musically. I got a chance to work with Raphael Saadiq on this album. I grew up on Tony Toni Tone (one of my favorites – working with him was a blessing). I worked with Tim & Bob, who did my first two albums and LOS, a real hot producer right now. If you bought my first two albums you’re definitely going to love this one and people that haven’t bought my albums – if you’re into R&B and into good music it’s an album you should pick up.

I got sixteen songs on this album. When I did my album (I Said) “I’m giving people a full album.” I go buy some people albums and they only have the minimum on there. I think the minimum on there is eleven or twelve, because a lot of people just want to put out the minimum. Not me, I want to give the people all I can give.

Singersroom: So we’re not going to have one of those ‘4-track’ only albums? (jokes)

Bobby V: Nah. (laughs) Nah man. For real. I took my time with it. I put a lot into my albums and trying to do good albums. I got feedback from people and I’m not one of them people where everything gotta go my way. I listen to people and try and get good feedback. Some songs I liked other people didn’t like so they didn’t get a chance to make the album. They might be leaking around the internet or something but trust me it’s a good project. I feel like it’s definitely my best cause it’s kind of like a combination of my first and second album. I feel like it’s my best work thus far.

Bobby V’s new album, ‘The Rebirth’ hits stores and online retailers Feb. 10th via Blu Kolla Dreams! —— By: Interview By Njai Joszor


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