Anthony Hamilton: A New Me

Every once in a while the tiniest spark of hope can inspire a riot of all out laughter and joy. On Anthony Hamilton’s fifth studio album, that spark fills the room with a light, airy and often praise-worthy sound that makes you say – “hey this brother is happy and he deserves it”.

On “The Point Of It All” Anthony Hamilton steps away from records like “Charlene” and “Can’t Let Go” to provide fans with true to life records like “Cool,” “Soul’s On Fire” and “I Feel Like I’m Falling In Love”.

Singersroom: It’s great to see “The Point Of It All” in stores. You sing about being worry free on the single “Cool” does that carry throughout the album?

Anthony Hamilton: That song just kind of came about in its own moment. Trying to make sure that everybody can have a good time. There was a lot complaining, relationships, people [were] going through a bunch of mess for nothing.

Singersroom: Was it at all challenging to up the tempo on this project?

Anthony Hamilton: It kind of came easy. I’ve always had a little boogie in me. It wasn’t really a problem to up the tempo [this time].

Singersroom: Everyone seems to be happy with the album, in fact getting their two-step on to a few of the tracks. Was your experience on ‘The Playin’ It Cool’ tour different this time out?

Anthony Hamilton: Amazing. There was a great response to the [new] songs. It was comfortable being up there and I think I nailed my live show.

Singersroom: I understand you’re a married man now, did your wife have a major effect on the direction for this album?

Anthony Hamilton: The last one she did. This particular one, maybe here and there [she] had an influence.

Singersroom: There is a track on the album titled “The Day We Met” is that based on your experience with your wife who also performs is that right?

Anthony Hamilton: It was more indirect but wasn’t necessarily the day she and I met. That was the song – when I heard the music – that just reminded me of her. That moment when you first meet somebody and you fall in love.

Singersroom: Some may say that artists have ‘dumbed down’ their music in favor of mainstream appeal, but you have been consistent over the years. Is it at all tempting to appeal to the mass audience in favor of sales?

Anthony Hamilton: I love it, the direction I’m going in. I don’t get caught up in trying to make myself something that I’m not. It’s a natural progression. Everybody wants to have a successful run but if not then I’m alright. I’m okay with waiting for it to go where its going to go but I don’t stress about it.

Singersroom: Cool. Why should fans and maybe new listeners pick up “The Point Of It All”?

Anthony Hamilton: It’s necessary. It’s a whole new Anthony. You’ll get to know me. The different sides of me. It’s suitable for those who feel the need to get out and enjoy themselves and have a nice dance to something with substance to it. I can serenade your whole situation is what I’m really saying.

Singersroom: With that said, is there a new character that comes out?

Anthony Hamilton: My funnier side – my sense of humor. Most people think I’m the cat that comes out of a bad relationship and sings the blues – not so.

Singersroom: So you’re showing us that more comedic side this time out then…

Anthony Hamilton: I’ve always been a silly rascal. —— By: Interview By Njai Joszor


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