Guys and Lingerie: What Women Should Know

A girlfriend of mine wanted to buy some lingerie for her boyfriend of 5 years to 1) help spice up there relationship and 2) celebrate their precious time together. Long story short, she called me up and asked me what kind of lingerie I like on women.

Before I explained to her my likings, I vividly expressed to her that the type of lingerie varies from man to man. I personally love to see women in lingerie that has boy shorts bottom; I love those!

Ok…back to her question: Let’s get this right ladies, men are freaks just like you. Most of the time we just want to get you out of whatever you’re wearing but we slow down and play the emotional role to keep you happy. We know you took a lot of time and thought to look sexy for us and we APPRECIATE that, so it’s better for us to play that out instead of creating an argument and get no booty at all.

Here Is my Advice:

To spice up your love life, wearing sexy lingerie can make things interesting and definitely build self-esteem. Your partner may have their own perceptions of what they find appealing, so use your best judgment on what you choose for those intimate moments. With that said, I basically told her to buy whatever she feels comfortable in. Something that would make her feel sexy or good about herself.

Below are some types of lingerie (I’m a dude, so you know I really had to do my research to find these):

Baby Doll Nightie (See at or
This cute little number is usually a short gown with a built in, bra-like cups with a loose flowing skirt. The baby doll nightie could be made of silk, nylon or a sheer material, depending on your preference.

Garter Belt (See at or
Not to be worn with pants!! The garter belt is worn directly on the skin around the waist. Sexy stockings or thigh-highs can be attached to the belt with the 4 to 8 straps that dangle from this exotic item. To compliment the look, wear a sexy matching bra (or not!!).

Teddy Nightie (See at
A teddy is a short gown that falls just past the waist, high on the upper thigh. It can be made with a silky or sheer type of material. It usually comes with a matching pair of skimpy panties that you can wear with it.

Thongs and G-Strings (See at or
Thongs are panties that only cover the front and leave your bottom exposed, covered only by a thin strip of material. G-Strings are similar, except there is only a thin, stretchable string covering your backside.

Corset (See at or
Tight fitting and made of a stiff material, a corset cinches the waist and lifts up breasts. It is held in place by adjustable lacing in the back. Sometimes garter straps are attached to the bottom as an added feature.

Peignoir (See at
A peignoir is a long gown with a length that reaches the ankles. These types of gowns usually come with a matching robe.

In closing, It’s not any one act or item of clothing – If you’re turned on, and it’s really, really obvious, we’re turned on. Nothing sexier than a female who is thinking about pure, desperate, sex and nothing else. —— By: Jus Music


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