How Can We Make Love When Sex Sells?

There is this line in Alicia Key’s new joint where she says “Is there anyone out there who really knows what love is?” Every time that part of the song comes on, I stop whatever I’m doing and sing the line alongside Ms. Keys, mainly because I concur with that concept. I ova-stand it. Who really knows what love is? I like to think that I am one of the few people who can see past the media hype; however, even I find myself becoming consumed with the constant misconstruing of love and sex –it is to the point where love is null and void when it comes to having sex.

When it comes to the music, sex is the arching point. It seems to be the “lazy and trife” way to have a hit song. Sex is appealing, it’s exciting, controversial, and uniting because everyone does it and everyone wants it. The element of sex is what makes it the easiest way to have a hit record. Immediately, when one hears a freak ass song, it gains your interest… so much that you do not have to focus on the element of love. Oh yeah, that’s right, love can be a part of sex. Right, sex is supposed to be an expression of love or so society once believed. However, now it seems that sex is merely a means to an end, a means to good album sales and constant video rotation. In some ways, love may be boring to some people. When done, it is often about heartbreak and loss and not about the fulfillment one could have from being in love with someone who loves them back – not as exciting as sex, I suppose.

At this point, sex has overpowered the concept of love. You see it in the videos and hear it in the music. There is constant mention of sexual acts, what a man wants to do to a woman and, definitely, what he would like the woman to do to him. Seldom do we hear, in that same instance, the man saying I love this women and that is why I want her to perform these acts on me. The same goes for much of the female entertainer’s in their music. Much of their concepts involve getting over on a man with the use of their sexual sense, voluptuousness, etc. Or, there is the focus on why their juicy stuff is the best and a trap in itself. Word. If that’s all you have to offer then you might want to reconvene.

I am not blaming the media and music, collectively. Obviously, in some sense, the media and entertainers feel as if they are giving us what we desire. Or, are they feeding us what they want us to desire? I never mastered that whole “who is in control?” concept when it comes to the media and, not to mention, the artist does have control over what they will and won’t do; it is their art. Take a look at Alicia Keys who does not need to overpower her image and music with sex. Instead, she allows her talent to be her monarchy. There has to come a point where the artist has to decide whether they want to risk the possibility of not being quickly and easily accepted by fans, not over saturating themselves with sex for albums to sell, or going for the easier, simpler, more safe route and that is allowing their talent to fall second to their sexuality. —— By: La’Juanda Knight


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