Why Bad Kissers Don’t Get To Second Base

Do you remember your worst kiss? Some of us have locked lips with lizards, washing machines, cannibals, snakes, etc. Hey!, even you could be all these things!

I remember kissing this girl that I’ll call deep throat because I swear her tongue was massaging my tonsils. Her tongue was so damn big and she loved to kiss, I felt like I had the dentist in my mouth the whole time. One time she was so forceful with it, that I started choking. So as you can guess that little fling ended where it started.

What’s This All About

I really didn’t think about that girl until the other day I red an article that says “bad kissers have little chance of getting to second base.”

In a study recently published in the scientific journal “Evolutionary Psychology,” 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women said they’ve been in the position of being attracted to someone — until they kissed the person.

“At the moment of the kiss, there’s a very complicated exchange of information … that may tap into underlying evolved mechanisms” cluing us in on whether we’re genetically compatible, explains Gordon Gallup, co-author of the study and professor of psychology at the State University of New York at Albany. “A kiss can be a deal-breaker in terms of whether a relationship will flower or flounder, so to speak.”

Why do we kiss?

Gallup’s research suggests that men and women have different agendas when it comes to kissing.

For men, she says kissing is more often used as a means to an end — namely, to gain sexual access. Men also are more likely to literally kiss and make up, using kissing to attempt reconciliation. I personally disagree with this sentiment a bit, because sometimes I just wanna kiss a girl ‘just cause.’ To make her feel special, to show her that I care, or whatever.

Women on the other hand use kissing as a bonding gesture, as well as to monitor the status of the relationship. If her partner’s kissing frequency or technique suddenly changes, that perhaps is a sign of his interest. Is this true ladies?

Fashion & Lifestyle Photo Other gender differences uncovered by Gallup’s research:

• Men show a greater preference for tongue contact and open-mouth kisses.

• Men are more willing than women to have sex with someone without kissing, as well as to have sex with someone they are not attracted to or consider to be a bad kisser.

• Women place more importance on kissing throughout a relationship, whereas men place less importance on it as the relationship progresses.

Improving your kiss

If you’ve ever heard the words…what the bleep! After kissing that certain someone, fear not. Like many things in life, one’s kissing technique can be improved.

Try these techniques:

• Vacuum kiss, in which you suck the air out of your partner’s mouth while kissing

• Neck kiss, in which you kiss up and down your partner’s neck

• “Lip-o-suction,” in which you kiss the upper lip while your partner kisses the lower lip, and then you reverse.

Spontaneity also can help you get out of a slump. Over the years I’ve learned that an accidental kiss is less stressful.

Have you ever had a bad kiss? Tell us you story. (No names please, we don’t need any overprotective daddies doing bodily harm to anyone) —— By: Gary ‘JM’ Gentles


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