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Bobby V is back with his second Disturbing Tha Peace solo release “Special Occasion.” The Atlanta based vocalist/songwriter continues where he left off, evoking music with commitment and love, in a manner that meets the approval of his listeners. caught up with Bobby to talk about the new album, going to Africa, Bobby V Jeans, and his rap alter-ego BV.

With each album you have evolved and you grown. What has been your personal experience that led you to make this album?

Bobby V – My personal relationships, going on the road being able to see things that I have never seen before, like going oversees to London and Germany. Traveling the world will help you realize that there is more than America out there. Before this first album I never realized that there was another side of the world besides what you see on TV, but to travel and meet people and see how they live is a growing experience for me.

Didn’t you have the chance to travel to Africa to make the video “Pimpin All Over the World?”

Bobby V – Yeah, we shot that video in Durban, South Africa, so you know that was a great experience for me.

How did you feel being in there, knowing what you were taught in the history books and what is now taking place there? How was it for you personally?

Bobby V – It was a great, great experience. I would never have thought in a million years that I would go there, shoot a music video, meet the people of the village and eat the food. There were monkeys all around, giraffes; all types of animals being around, all that stuff in the wild. It was just a great experience.

I have to get there too one day.

Bobby V – Yes, you do! It’s a long flight so buckle your seatbelt (laughter).

Why did you call this album “Special Occasion?” Are there any specific influences that you had in mind when you named this album?

Bobby V – First of all, this is my second album, so that right there is a special occasion. A lot of times artists don’t even make it to the second album. They make the first album and then it’s a wrap, so for me to come out with my second album is a special occasion.

Secondly, I have a song for every occasion, whether you are by yourself kicking it or if you are with that special someone or if you’re about to go to the club. You know! I have something for every occasion. Another occasion is that I have great producers. I put all these producers on this one album and that’s an occasion all within itself.

So what producers did you put on this album?

Bobby V– I got Rodney Jerkins, Tim & Bob, Brian Michael Cox, Dre & Vidal, Sean Garrett, The Light. These are all hot, high-end producers and for these guys to want to work with me, that’s a special occasion as well.

On this album, were you more involved in the song writing process? How did your contribution (besides singing) shape the album?

Bobby V – On the last album I wrote 95% of the album and this album it’s the same thing. I wrote the majority of this album, so definitely. I have to put my two cents in it. If not, It wouldn’t be Bobby Valentino.

From the new single, I see you are trying to show some real vocal talent there. What made you choose “Turn the Page” as the first single?

Bobby V – Actually, Rodney Jerkins produced that song and when I went in the studio, they played that record for me and I was like “Oh, I want that one.” That was one of the two or three records I didn’t like but you know I was the executive producer on the album, so I had to go outside the box and see how other people would write for me. I heard the record and I was like that is a hit record.

I read somewhere where you say rappers are singing on there hooks now and now singers need to rap. Are you saying that they are trying to take away from R&B artists?

Bobby V – I wouldn’t say they are being R&B artists but they are being creative. I think on the R&B tip, we should be creative as well and bust some flows too. There’s nothing wrong with that so why not.

Well I see Tyrese is doing that too with Black Ty, so that may be the start of it?

Bobby V – Yeah that may be the start of it.

Well since you said that, will there be any rapping on this album?

Bobby V – I am rapping on one of my songs called “Wreck” and that is actually one of my singles. I’m showing a little skill.

Oh so you can flow a little bit?

Bobby V – Yeah, Yeah, actually I’ve been free styling since I was a youngin’. It just had to come about on this album. I didn’t want to spill all the beans on the first album. Every album I’m going to give my fans just a little more.

It seems like this album is going to be refreshing because of the new things you’re trying to accomplish. People wouldn’t even think that you could rap, so this will be a great surprise. I should have you bust something now for your fans (laughter).

Bobby V – Exactly (laughs)

So, you had some previous fame with the group Mista. I remember singing “Blackberry Molasses” when I was in college. How would you compare the success you had with Mista to the success that you are experiencing presently?

Bobby V – Well because now I am more hands on and with Mista I didn’t know what was going on, I was just having a good time. Now it is more business; I am the business so I have to run it accordingly.

You also went to college, can you tell us what school you attended, major and what your career was going to be if you didn’t pursue your singing?

Bobby V– I graduated from Clark Atlanta University. My degree is in Mass Communication Radio/TV and Film. If I was not a singer, I would have definitely been on TV doing something whether it was editing, shooting, writing or something to do with entertainment.

How important was it for you to finish college?

Bobby V – It was very important. Just by being in the group [Mista] and it was not as successful as I thought it would be. College was definitely something I had to complete. It was a goal of mine just so I could have something to fall back on if I didn’t make it in the music industry. I always knew it would happen for me but I just had to focus and settle down.

Do you still speak to the guys from Mista?

Bobby V – Yeah, I still speak to them occasionally. One of them is out in California doing the acting thing and two of them are still pursuing the music. The music industry is very competitive so they are trying to get their feet wet again.

Would you feature them on an upcoming album?

Bobby V – Maybe on an upcoming album but I don’t think they would want to do the group thing anymore.

Are you still working on your jean collection?

Bobby V – Yeah, my Bobby V jeans is coming real soon. I am about to finish up the deal so you should be seeing them soon in small boutiques, so I have to get your measurements so I can get a perfect fit for you (laughter).

I would definitely support your jean collection but you have to make jeans for tall women.

Bobby Valentino – Oh yeah, I am making them for all shapes and sizes.

Ok Bobby, I am going to hold you to that, I am going to get in touch with you if I can’t find any long jeans?

Bobby V – Yeah, I am going to make some long ones for you (laughter).

What was it like working with Ludacris?

Bobby V – It was great working with him. He is a very cool guy, very down to earth and he knows a lot. He is a Hip Hop mogul, being around him I just try and learn as much as I can.

There are several great R&B albums out already this year with Ne Yo, Chris Brown, etc., what makes “Special Occasion” different from the others?

Bobby V – Because it is greater; that is what makes it a special occasion.

Your music is laid back like the Isley Brothers, would you consider yourself a lover boy?

Bobby V– Definitely, women are my inspiration so I am definitely a lover boy.

Besides your DTP family, who else did you feature on the album?

Bobby V – I haven’t added any features just yet so I may have some probably.

Is there a special female in your life? If not, would you date an R&B artist or would you like a woman outside of the business?

Bobby V – I would date an R&B singer because she would understand the business more than a regular young lady, but I’m single though. —— By: Interview By Tiffanie Simone


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