Black Buddafly: Sisterhood

Just as caterpillars evolve into one of the most visual pleasing creatures in nature, the three sisters that have evolved into Black Buddafly have produced a group that is not only pleasing to the eyes but equally as pleasing to the ears. Singersroom recently had the chance to speak with sisters, Sophie, the eldest of the group, Amina and Jazz (twins) and discovered that black is still and always will be beautiful just like a butterfly.

Singersroom: What makes you all different from the other female groups that have graced the music industry?
Black Buddafly: We aren?t from the United States so we bring a different flavor to the industry. On top of that we are sisters; we know who sound best singing what and what combinations of vocals go together. Sisters always have a special connection and that makes it easier for us to make beautiful music. We?ve known each other?well forever so it?s incredible when we harmonize together.

Singersroom: When you were still overseas your group was named Choyce. Upon your arrival in the U.S. you all decided to switch to Black Buddafly. What were the reasons behind your name change?
Black Buddafly: We went through a transition. We came here as Choyce but we were coming into a new beginning so we thought a new name would be great to start off new here. Our producer came up with Black Buddafly. We are each different, just like butterflies.

Singersroom: You know when you think about the group?s name, Black Buddafly, the saying, ?Black is Beautiful,? comes to mind. Black is beautiful, butterflies are beautiful, and it?s obvious the three of you are beautiful?the name fits!
Black Buddafly: Thank you. That?s a good interpretation of the name!

Singersroom: Amina, you wrote the lyrics to song, ?Goddess,? what motivated you to write the song?
Black Buddafly: I also wrote on six other tracks on the album. The concept for, ?Goddess,? came from Kimora?s new fragrance she was going to begin marketing. Russell (Simmons) asked me to write a song for the fragrance. I got the actual concept for the song from Russell and that?s how the song came about!

Singersroom: How does it feel to be in America living your dreams?
Black Buddafly: It?s great. We always dreamed of being signed. Working with great individuals like Jimmy Jam and Troy Taylor makes the experience even more amazing. We?ve always wanted to be here and work with the music industry greats, what more could we ask for?

Singersroom: Your mother has a German heritage and your father is from Senegal. How did their different backgrounds contribute to your music?
Black Buddafly: Our parents were always playing all types of music. We grew up on jazz, salsa, all types of different music. Our parents? musical backgrounds kept us in music.

Singersroom: Were you ever completely discouraged by the circumstances that you faced with your career?
Black Buddafly: We were definitely overwhelmed on our first day here in the U.S. In Germany all you have to do is walk into a record label?s office and you?re signed. The U.S. is a completely different atmosphere. There are security guards at every door, huge golden elevators, you need identification. It was so different from home. Our people in Germany didn?t want us to come to the U.S. they said the market over here was too big and too hard to get into. We just didn?t give up. Our first night here we met Prince (not to be confused with THE Prince), he took us to a few celebrity parties, we got to show case our talent and it was all up hill from there!

Singersroom: What would you say differentiates the three of you from one another? Amina and Jazz the two of you are twins does this ever cause problems with in the group? Black Buddafly: No, being twins doesn?t cause any problems. We think a like. Jazz is the quiet wild one so we nick named her Trouble! Sophie is the big sister so she?s the level headed serious one of the three of us. Amina is the cute sexy one. We all have our own personalities and styles and that?s what makes the group even better.

Singersroom: Who would you like to work with in the future?
Black Buddafly: It?s not just limited to music moguls. We dream of working with different choreographers. We?d love to work with Janet Jackson?s? choreographer. Different hair stylists, make-up artists. It?s not just music based we did the song, ?Bad Girl,? with Fabolous and it was great. We want to work with everybody.

Singersroom: How would you describe your music?
Black Buddafly: We have an American production team but we still have our roots and style from Germany. We aren?t just R&B or Hip Hop. Amina likes Pop and Jazz likes Rock and Hip Hop, we try to incorporate the different styles of music so we aren?t just sticking to one. —— By: Interview By: Meka Stephens


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