Robin Thicke: Growing Pains

It?s all about his ?Growing Pains? these days and he gets to tell the world about his troubles through his music. Singer and songwriter Robin Thicke has made masterpieces once again, but this time the masterpieces are written and sung by him. The soulful Rhythm and Blues artist has been creating lyrical art for household names like Christina Aguilera, Mya, Brandy, and Marc Anthony for sometime now. This time around he?s letting this beautiful world hear what he has to say through his own voice.

Do you ever feel upset when someone else wins an award for a piece you wrote?
Robin Thicke: They perform the piece but I still get a check from it! I know in my heart that I wrote it, I take pride in being a part of someone else?s success. I don?t need all the credit, I know they?re my words and that?s most important!

Do people ever make you feel that because of your race you shouldn?t make R&B music?
Robin Thicke: No, I never get that. The people that matter don?t care about my race. They want to hear good music regardless of the race of the individual that makes it. I make music for the people who like it, not those who are going to discount my work because of the color of my skin.

Why did you change the title of Cherry Blue Skies to Beautiful World?
Robin Thicke: The way I felt about the world had changed when we released the album again. I realized that despite its injustices and weaknesses, it?s still a beautiful place. I wanted the listeners to realize that. Changing the title allowed me to reveal this realization to the world.

How does it feel to work with an artist like Pharrell?
Robin Thicke: He?s an amazing artist and producer as well as an amazing person. I?m honored to work with him. Every time I work with him I learn something new. It?s great!

Who would you like to work with in the future?
Robin Thicke: Jay-Z. Jay-Hov. Yeah I?d like to start there.

Are you willing to deal with the nuisance of paparazzi and reporters to make music?
Robin Thicke: Yes, bring it on. Let?s go!

Do you think that money, fame, and power will change you?
Robin Thicke: I hope so (laugh). I hope it makes me richer and lazier (laugh). I want to get to a point where I can do whatever I want with music.

What artists have you worked with that you try to mirror?
Robin Thicke: I try to make music as if no one else exists. I put my heart into my music and think of no one else but myself when I?m making it. The world gets me not me and someone I try to mirror my music after.

Do you feel like your audience knows too much about you?
Robin Thicke: No, they know exactly what I want them to know. People are most powerful when they are telling the truth. My truth is in telling the truth.

Lost with out you talks about you?re need to be desired and loved, do you ever think you are less of a man for feeling this way?
Robin Thicke: Men tend to want the upper hand in the relationship so it?s relevant. We all do what comes natural to us. I wasn?t at my best and I wanted a woman? softness to make me feel better. I?m no less of a man for feeling that way.

You?re dad was the father on ?Growing Pains,? did you ever think you?d be in the public eye like he was?
Robin Thicke: It didn?t matter if I was or I wasn?t. I loved making music and I never considered the consequences. It was simply my goal to make music because people liked me when I made music!

You were signed at 16 why do you think it took so long for your voice to be heard?
Robin Thicke: I was nervous and afraid of failure. My fear of people not liking my music made me shy away from putting my music out there. I wasn?t using my time to do what I should have been doing; which was focusing on doing what I loved?making music.

Do you think R&B has gone Pop?
Robin Thicke: I don?t know how to answer that. Artists like Mario, Neo, and Usher make R&B great soulful singing. I believe it?s just evolving and beginning to flourish. —— By: Interview by: Meka Stephens


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