Only the Sexy Survive

What do Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Tyson Beckford, Usher, and Halle Berry all have in common? They are damn sexy!!! What is more important than being sexy in this fast pace world of images? ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING!!! We have been seduced by beauty and forgot about the beast. It might seem shallow but it is true. The ability to be appealing and attractive is power. I venture to say only the sexy survive. Sex appeal is not just the physical. A sexy swagger or a gorgeous face can give you that extra boost to get you that much needed job or promotion. These individuals chosen for this prestigious club have mastered the science of sexiology. This science blends intelligence, confidence, strong social skills, beauty, a strong sense of purpose, and of course sex appeal. I know you people can feel me on that because sometimes the funniest looking person can fool us into thinking they are beautiful because of good ol? sex appeal. DAMN YOU TRICKED ME! —— By: Deyior Dunbar


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