10 07, 2014

It Wasn’t Good For Anyone! R&B Divas Producer Talks Nicci Gilbert and LaTavia

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With another season of R&B Divas Atlanta a wrap, it's time for decisions to be made for season four and just who should return. Following a dramatic reunion, including Angie Stone walking off, returning and resigning in a matter of minutes, executive producer Phil Thornton.

21 11, 2013

Nicci Gilbert Denies Low Ticket Sales, Says R&B Divas Tour Will Happen

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Nicci Gilbert says there will be an "R&B Divas" tour, but it won't be until 2014. Disputing rumors that ticket sales were to blame for the cancellation of many a date this Fall, Gilbert said it wasn't demand at all, it was just a bad time to go out on the road.

18 06, 2013

‘R&B Divas’ Star Nicci Gilbert’s Clothing Line Alleged To Be A Fraud?

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Did Nicci Gilbert really design dresses and other garments for women? According to a new report, the Brownstone and "R&B Divas" star is not the real designer behind her much promoted line, "Curvato."

17 06, 2013

Nicci Gilbert Talks Angie Stone, Vows To Set Record Straight at ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ Reunion

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Nicci Gilbert is ready to set the record straight following last week's explosive episode of "R&B Divas Atlanta." Taking to her blog after watching footage of herself and Angie Stone having a disagreement over a charity and performance, Nicci Gilbert says viewers didn't see everything.

6 11, 2012

R&B Divas Booting Nicci Gilbert, R. Kelly Sings For ‘Security’

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When "R&B Divas" returns for a second season one of the "divas" will be missing. Following rumors of her being too much to handle, sources confirmed that Nicci Gilbert has been asked to leave Monday.

25 09, 2012

Nicci Gilbert: I Don’t Know That Woman on ‘R&B Divas’

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There has been more drama on and off camera on "R&B Divas" and again, it involves Nicci Gilbert. Even though she is credited as a producer, the star and designer of Curvato Clothing, is not exempt from negativity

2 09, 2012

Drama Behind the Scenes of ‘R&B Divas,’ Cast Member Being Replaced?

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Originally touted as a show with the goal to positively portray African American women coming together, there’s a different story being told of the antics happening behind the scenes regarding one member in particular.

28 08, 2012

R&B Divas’ Nicci Gilbert Details Forced ‘Tummy Tuck’ For Music Industry

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Nicci Gilbert revealed a little known fact from her past on Monday's episode of "R&B Divas" (TV One). Detailing her journey, including Brownstone, the soulful singer admitted that she underwent surgery after being pressured by the music industry to lose weight.

21 08, 2012

Nicci Gilbert Considers New Brownstone Music, Talks Advice From Michael Jackson

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Could "R&B Divas" star Nicci Gilbert and Brownstone come together for a new album or similar effort ? According to Gilbert, a few songs or a live DVD are a possibility.

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