Nicci Gilbert Talks Angie Stone, Vows To Set Record Straight at ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’ Reunion

Nicci Gilbert is ready to set the record straight following last week's explosive episode of "R&B Divas Atlanta."

Taking to her blog after watching footage of herself and Angie Stone having a disagreement over a charity and performance, Nicci Gilbert says viewers didn't see everything.

"I never asked for money! Each diva was supposed to pick a woman and sponsor her. I wanted Angie’s $100 to fill up my gas tank – that’s why I brought her to the venue and asked her to be a part! LOL," Gilbert wrote. "What you didn’t see is I asked HER to leave!"

As seen on the episode, Angie Stone pulled Nicci aside to have a conversation about the event, telling her that there was no charity. One thing led to another and now Nicci plans to speak about any and everything, including an R&B Divas tour, on the season reunion show.

"I plan on answering all the questions about the TOUR and the EBLAST then! I have to tell the truth! This season was supposed to be about us preparing for a tour; Faith talked about a tour in the season one finale. But a tour will happen! Absolutely!," she confirmed.

Do you think the tour will actually happen or are the other women better off doing something without Nicci involved?

The "R&B Divas Atlanta" season two reunion is slated to air Wednesday, June 26 and July 10.