Nicci Gilbert Talks R&B Divas; Rewards For Being ‘Ratchet’

Nicci Gilbert insists that she's not going anywhere, contrary to rumors that she has been or will be fired on "R&B Divas Atlanta."

From arguments with Syleena Johnson to a heated conversation with Monifah, Nicci's camera time this season has been a little volatile, but she doesn't seem to think that she's gone too far. In fact, she thinks being ratchet leads to success.

"I’ve always felt like because we were talented singers and we were already dramatic, all of us with the exception of Faith and Latocha. Very dramatic people. The way we express ourselves… I’m feeling like now it’s just the more ratchet you are, the (more) successful you become," she told The Jasmine Brand recently.

Even though she thinks that being "ratchet" pays, Gilbert would rather walk away than be seen screaming and yelling.

"On my life and everything I love, I will walk away from it with a smile on my face before I allow myself to start screaming and yelling and cursing and flipping out. You’re not going to see that from me," she said.


"R&B Divas Atlanta" airs on TV One.