Nicci Gilbert Denies Low Ticket Sales, Says R&B Divas Tour Will Happen

Nicci Gilbert says there will be an "R&B Divas" tour, but it won't be until 2014.

Disputing rumors that ticket sales were to blame for the cancellation of many a date this Fall, Gilbert said it wasn't demand at all, it was just a bad time to go out on the road.

"It’s not because, oh, ‘nobody wanted to see it.’ There was just a really busy touring schedule in Atlanta. We do have a market, so the tour will happen, it will just be happening in March," Gilbert told Madame Noire Wednesday.

As widely reported, dates for the "Diary of a Diva" trek were cancelled earlier this month, a blow to those that actually went out and purchased tickets.

In related news, most of the "R&B Divas Atlanta" cast will return to film for the upcoming third season beginning this month. The series, along with "R&B Divas LA," is slated to air on TV One sometime in 2014.