28 04, 2013

Lady Gaga Takes On Pilates Routine, Getting Better In Chicago

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Lady Gaga is looking great and getting better with the help of a little pilates. Gaga has been spending a lot of time in Chicago as of late, with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney ("Chicago Fire"). According to a local pilates instructor, Gaga rented out a local studio for private sessions earlier this month and didn't seem to be in pain during their first session.

14 04, 2013

Lady Gaga Sidelined, ‘Crushed’ Over Delayed Album and Projects

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Lady Gaga is doing well and recuperating after undergoing surgery on her hip, but she will be sidelined until doctors give her approval to perform again. According to a new report in Life & Style, sources close to Gaga say she is "crushed" over the situation, not being able to perform or release efforts, like her album "ART POP."

4 12, 2012

From The Jackson Family Files: Joe Recovering Well, Lady Gaga Buys 55 MJ Items at Auction

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After news that 83-year-old Jackson family patriarch Joe Jackson suffered a serious stroke last week, new reports are coming forth on Jackson’s current state of health.

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