Kim Kardashian Slams Haters ‘I Am Really Sick And Tired Of People..’

Kim Kardashian has had enough of people being mean to her ! — this after the reality star was repeatedly accused of lying and wearing padding. “I am really sick and tired of people being so mean and nasty and assume I am lying,” Kardashian wrote on her blog over the weekend. For weeks fans and critics have reportedly accused the star of lying about her figure, some going as far as saying that the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ contestant should pick up some new pads. “My measurements are 34, 26, 39. But remember I am 5’2” and ½ and everyone carries their weight in different places” Kardashian wrote on her blog just as the backlash and comments from ‘non believers’ reached an all time high. “Just for you non-believers, I will post a video blog of me showing you guys my size 27 jeans later tonight” Kardashian fumed. Living up to her word the reality star did just that. She filmed the tags of three pairs of her favorite jeans, and squeezed into a pair on camera for any naysayers. Kardashian is currently a contestant on ABC’s hit reality series “Dancing With The Stars.” src: MSNBC


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