18 08, 2014

It’s Not Michael! Jermaine Jackson On New Michael Jackson Music and Hologram

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Jermaine Jackson is not happy about new music being released from his late brother, Michael Jackson. Appearing on "Oprah: Where Are They Now?"' Sunday, Jackson said "what I'm hearing is not Michael."

16 04, 2014

Jermaine Jackson Accused of Hoarding, Refuses To Tape on ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

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Nobody's gonna touch my clothes! Jermaine Jackson got more than he bargained for on the season premiere of ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap, which aired Tuesday night. During the hour-long episode, Jackson's wife, Halima, swapped with Daniel Baldwin's former girlfriend, Isabella Hofmann. While Baldwin was willing to make changes with Halima, learning what it was like to be in Isabella's shoes, Jermaine Jackson was resistant to change to the point where he locked himself in a room and refused to tape any further with show producers.

24 10, 2013

Jermaine Jackson’s Wages Garnished, Facing Jail Time Over Child Support Debt

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According to reports, Los Angeles authorities have filed court papers demanding the Jackson 5 member be held in lock up after falling behind on his court-ordered monthly child support payments.

4 04, 2012

Jackson Brothers Announce Unity 2012 Tour Dates

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Jackie, Jermaine, Marlon and Tito Jackson will come together for an over 20-city tour this year. Breaking the news Wednesday, the Jackson brothers look forward to performing hits from the Jackson 5 discography while also honoring their brother, the late Michael Jackson.

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