Jermaine Jackson Finally Ordered to Pay Back Child Support

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Jermaine Jackson may find himself in the slammer or have all his things auctioned off for cash if he doesn’t follow a new court order, which requires him to pay $80,000 in back child support to ex-wife Alejandra Jackson.

In the terms of the settlement, Jermaine must fork over a $5,000 cashiers check by April 4, $15,000 by April 8, $20,000 by April 13 and $40,000 by May 13.

Jermaine is still not happy with the proceedings, insisting paying the huge amount is a financial burden for him. He adds, “I’m not rich like Michael was.”

“The problem is she’s been living in the Havenhurst house for 18 years. She has never once paid a bill,” Jermaine says about the reason why he shouldn’t pay the bill.

His revoked driver’s license will be reinstated after he pays the initial $5,000.

Maybe someone should remind Jermaine that child support is for his kids and not his wife. Thoughts?

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