Jermaine Jackson Files for Name Change

The Jacksons are forever in the news for something quirky. The latest news via The Huffington Post is that Jermaine Jackson filed a petition Tuesday to change the spelling of his last name to Jacksun. One letter difference, same pronunciation. The singer states the reason for the change is for “artistic reasons.”

“It is something he has chosen to do, and it’s fair to say that you cannot blame this one on the boogie, you’ve got to blame it on the sunshine,” his friend Steve Dennis stated, speaking on Jermaine’s behalf and referencing the Jackson 5 hit “Blame it on the Boogie.” Uuum, wha?

A court hearing has been set for February 22 to determine the fate of Jermaine’s surname. The famous Jackson sibling is currently promoting the book “You Are Not Alone” about his late younger brother.

Considering he named his son Jermajesty, though, this name change isn’t too bad.