Jermaine Jackson Accused of Hoarding, Refuses To Tape on ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

Nobody's gonna touch my clothes! Jermaine Jackson got more than he bargained for on the season premiere of ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap, which aired Tuesday night.

During the hour-long episode, Jackson's wife, Halima, swapped with Daniel Baldwin's former girlfriend, Isabella Hofmann. While Baldwin was willing to make changes with Halima, learning what it was like to be in Isabella's shoes, Jermaine Jackson was resistant to change to the point where he locked himself in a room and refused to tape any further with show producers.

Jackson had done well until Isabella asked him to get rid of some of his clothes housed not only in closets in his home, but in bedrooms and hallways. He was also accused of being a "Hollywood Hoarder," which he denied.

"No way. A hoarder is holding on to junk. I was furious. I was boiling inside because no one has ever said that to me," Jackson told ABC.

In the clips below, watch to see what happened during the episode and see why Jermaine Jackson vows to never participate in "Celebrity Wife Swap" again. He also refused to provide ABC with an update following the show, cutting off all communication with show producers.