It’s Not Michael! Jermaine Jackson On New Michael Jackson Music and Hologram

Jermaine Jackson is not happy about new music being released from his late brother, Michael Jackson.

Appearing on "Oprah: Where Are They Now?"' Sunday, Jackson said "what I'm hearing is not Michael."

"They never asked us for our approval and I'm being honest. Michael, he has a way of doing things. What I'm hearing is not Michael… at all," Jermaine Jackson told Oprah. "And I'll just say this. If Michael wanted this stuff out, he would have put it out. Bottom line. For them to take this (and I'm going to say them because they know who they are) and to put all these hip-hop beats to it, and this and that, Michael would die over again if he heard what they were doing."

Weighing in on the Billboard Music Awards, where a hologram of Michael Jackson was used for a performance, Jackson told Oprah "I was not happy when I saw. It's not good."