Chrisette Michele Drops Lyric Video For “No Chorus”; Announces Album Title & Release Date

By |2017-11-22T16:29:06-05:00November 22nd, 2017|R&B Music Videos, R&B Videos|

Grammy award-winning R&B artist Chrisette Michele follows up her empowering releases "Strong Black Woman" and "Black Lives Matter," with the [More]

Chrisette Michele Opens Up About Suicidal Thoughts, Miscarriage, and Being Dropped From Capitol Records

By |2017-11-16T11:26:24-05:00October 30th, 2017|News, R&B News|

Chrisette Michele has been on a mission to share her pain as she looks to return to her once prominent position in R&B/Soul music. As you may recall, nine months ago, she received a ton of backlash for accepting and performing at President Donald Trump’s Inaugural Ball in January alongside Travis Greene.

Chrisette Michele Returns With Empowering Single ‘Strong Black Woman’ — Announces New Album

By |2017-10-24T17:47:50-04:00October 24th, 2017|Music, R&B Music|

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Chrisette Michele releases the female-empowerment single, "Strong Black Woman," the first offering from her forthcoming album, Out of Control, due in April 2018.

Chrisette Michele Continues To Explain Why She Performed At Trump Inauguration On ‘The Breakfast Club’ (Video)

By |2017-01-25T10:46:44-05:00January 25th, 2017|News, R&B News|

In a 40-minute interview, she explains that she in no way agrees with Trump or his policies, rather she simply wanted to "be seen" as a black person in a space where there were very few as a way to open minds.

Chrisette Michele Talks Inauguration with ‘Billboard,’ Was ‘Frustrated’ With Not Meeting Trump

By |2017-01-24T17:32:20-05:00January 24th, 2017|News, R&B News|

After all the hullabaloo, Chrisette Michele is talking to Billboard once and for all about her decision to perform at the Trump Inauguration and her experience with it all.

Chrisette Michele’s Fiance Comes to Her Defense; Tells Spike Lee “F**k You”

By |2017-01-22T11:36:21-05:00January 22nd, 2017|Gossip|

The backlash continues for Chrisette Michele following her performance at President Donald Trump's inaugural ball on Friday night! Out of the many people who labeled her "cooning for a check," many others came to her defense including her fiancé and longtime manager, Doug "Biggs" Ellison.

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