True Colors? Ariana Grande Caught on Camera Licking For Sale Donuts; Says She Hates America

Don’t be fooled by the angelic smile and dimples, Ariana Grande has a mischievous side…maybe the diva rumors ARE true! TMZ obtained video of Ariana Grande being less than America’s sweetheart while in a donut shop in Lake Elsimore, California.

In the video, as she waits to be served with her boyfriend, backup dancer Ricky Alvarez, she loudly declares, “I need a little help from the donut professional here!” Then, after making sure the donut shop worker wasn’t looking, she licked a few donuts on display and Alvarez does the same. She finds it hilarious and lets out a mischievous laugh.

And if that wasn’t disgusting enough, her attitude made it worse. Towards the end of the clip, the donut shop worker shows her a tray of donuts, to which Grande says, “What the f*&k is that? I hate Americans, I hate America.”

Interestingly, Ariana announced yesterday (June 7) she was dropping out of Major League Baseball's All-Star concert this weekend. Her public relations squad say it was because she had wisdom teeth removed on Monday, but could it be because of this video? If not, it's probably the best thing, since she'll probably get booed after these comments!

Rumors that Ariana has a diva attitude have been around ever since she transitioned from a Nickelodeon kiddie star to an international pop sensation. Were Ariana’s true colors finally caught on camera for the world to see?

Definitely not a good look!