Tink – Winter’s Diary 2

Chicago’s Tink scribbles her thoughts on love and loneliness in Winter’s Diary 2, the follow up to her March 2012 offering, Winter’s Diary.

Headed by the vulnerable single “Treat Me Like Somebody,” each track acts as a diary entry with the singer-songwriter’s angelic voice expressing all the emotions that go with love: the happiness, loneliness, confusion, camaraderie and anger throughout the 15-track set. On “Time,” Tink pleads for just a few special moments from her significant other and on “Your Secrets,” she borrows from Alicia Keys’ hit “Diary,” a departure from the rest of the opus as she shows her talents as a female emcee to express her tender feelings through bars. “2 and 2” is a smooth ode to not falling for the classic crap: “Who you been “f*ckin on…I done put 2 and 2 together, and I can’t put up with you no more,” she concludes.

This is one diary you can read without fear of getting caught. Dig in and download above.