Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs Says ‘No’ To Reality, Fighting on ‘Revolt TV’

Don't expect fighting, weave pulling, drink throwing or any of those types of things on Diddy's network, Revolt.

Speaking of the network and plans for programming in a recent interview, Diddy made it clear that reality programming, if presented, would focus on the curation of talent, in-depth interviews and covering music globally (not just in North America).

"Yes. As far as the DNA of the shows that we will carry, there will be a rawness to them. We will not be doing a bunch of reality shows. We’ll be doing music-driven shows that will be exposing you to the discovery and curation of new talent. We’ll also be doing in-depth interviews, we’ll be doing shows that will go into social issues with different panels and debates. We’ll be doing our version of a Barbara Walters/Oprah interview but with someone from this generation and of this generation. We’ll be going to where the pulse of music is happening and we’ll be covering it in the way ESPN will cover a sports event – with that level of urgency and seriousness," Diddy shared with Billboard.

With credits inclusive of producing MTV's successful "Making The Band 4," Diddy says he plans to use what he learned and produced with MTV/Viacom, but wants to do things "the right way."

"As far as doing shows, I’ve been with Viacom for six years and I was the number one producer of shows from 18-34 and I plan on continuing down that street but also strategically that I represent music in the right way," he shared. "And when you tune into Revolt, you’ll see musical content and you won’t see a reality show with fighting that has nothing to do with music."