J. Drew – Never Coming Back

The conflict in which singer-songwriter-producer J. Drew goes through in his decision to go secular plays out on BET’s reality show “The Sheards,” but Drew’s fruits of labor have finally manifested with his debut EP “Never Coming Back,” which distances himself from the gospel dynasty built by his mother Karen Clark Sheard and father Bishop J. Drew Sheard.

And touching on life’s subjects like love, sensuality, and relationships, Drew couldn’t be further away from gospel, activating his unique production style. “Nightmare” threatens a bad night’s sleep on an ex over an infectious traveling baseline, and he invites the ladies to partake in a sensual, ethereal experience with his jammin' single “Flight.” He gives props to the middle-aged lady lovers on “Like This (Cougars)” and on the airy “My Room,” the singer subdues temptation.

Have a listen to J. Drew's new secular sound: