Brian McKnight Preps “Adult Mixtape”, Previews ‘If You’re Ready To Learn’

Brian McKnight is ready to make a comeback to the music scene, and with a statement as well. The veteran crooner has been staying up-to-date with fans via Twitter, as he’s been working on an “adult mixtape.” While in the process of recording for the project, he asked his Twitter followers for suggestions on what topics he should sing about, and he managed to have the entire Twitter world buzzing once he released the first taste of the yet-untitled mixtape.

McKnight took to YouTube to give fans a preview of his new track titled “If You’re Ready To Learn,” and he shows a much more vulgar side of himself. As the video went viral, the “Back At One” singer expressed his surprise in the reactions he’s gotten from the song as he tweeted, “funny how most of these folks have never been on my timeline when i wrote safe songs hmmmmm one sex filled song and im trending lol.”

After a few hours, he claimed the song was merely a joke and removed the video, saying, “okay im taking it down and ill never do it again im putting up a safe song jeez no sense of humor but i trended for a little while,” as he added, “its just sad that this is what i had to do to get most of these people to even acknowledge me.”

Warning: Not Safe For Work!