Steven Beck: Finding “Balance” With Music and Influence

When you sit down and speak with the sculpted crooner Steven Beck, don’t judge a book by its cover. On the exterior, you see a man built similarly to a WWE wrestler that can bench press an entire building. However, he’s just a humble, emotional, and comedic talent with an extraordinary ability to sing. “I get all the time that I favor Dwayne Johnson,” Beck said laughingly. “At first, I was a bit discouraged. However, I then realized that there are few men who share my ‘ultra man’ aesthetic in R&B so I made it one of  my strengths.” We both had to remark on his similarity to some of his favorite artists and influences including Tank, Ginuwine, and Tyrese. Just like these men, he plans to leave a similar impact on the world with his sound. For now, he’s a celebrity trainer finding his love for music again!

Originally, Beck is from Phoenix, Arizona, and at 19, he moved to Atlanta. He was raised in both sports and the church. From an early age, Beck was embedded with the best of both worlds. One side of him you have a choir trained singer with the elegance and transparency to communicate his feelings vocally. The other side is a large, ripped, and fitness freak of a man who likes gracing the weight room on the daily. His first major attempt at making music his full-time career is at 20 when he traveled overseas to start performing. The love he had for music started to fade due to trials and tribulations he faced overseas. Plus, he dropped out of school to see minimal success for his first attempt, so he was down on himself.


“My spirit was broken, I had to find something else to do,” Beck paused and took a sigh of relief. “Looking back, I’m so glad that experience happened. What happened after would’ve never happened if I didn’t feel that way at that moment in time.” After the disappointment of failure, he found another route back to music by investing in his fitness brand. Over time, he built a celebrity fitness brand, which has garnered an impressive following. The love for his fitness brand cultivated the love he once had for his music to come back and to grow even stronger before. He was reborn a new man! His following was so impressive to the point that he caught the attention of Vivica A. Fox. He works with her on her show “Black Magic” under the alias “Charm.” According to Beck, “being around Vivica really inspired me. Her energy is incredible and she helped build my confidence back up!”

Find Balance In His Life

He had to find “Balance,” which is ironically the name of his new single, to rekindle his passion to be a music artist again by “making balance his daily vibe.” Being a 90s R&B enthusiast, his voice emulates singers from that era such as Donell Jones, J. Hollister, Tank, Marques Houston, and Ginuwine. The nostalgia of the era holds a special place in Steven’s heart. Also, he loves the mid-2000s sound of R&B with Mario and Sean Paul being influential in his sound as well. For the current age, he appreciates the evolution and growth of the genre. According to Beck, “today R&B scenes features a lot of appreciation to the previous eras of R&B with sampling and song renditions with artists such as Frank Ocean, Miguel, 6lack, Tory Lanez, and more. Now it’s my time to be added to the mix.” To find his place within the current rotation of R&B, he plans on being his regular self because he feels that he is already one of a kind. “Where can you find a man like me who is African American and Puerto Rican, who is built like a WWE wrestler but can sing gracefully? Nobody,” Beck told me with great enthusiasm.


We both broke into laughter, and I can say, he definitely has a similar essence to that of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He is humorous, sociable, and humble; Beck loves people. While even beck stated that his look sometimes leads people to judge him by thinking that “he won’t talk to them,” he refutes any claim that he won’t speak to people. Steven Beck is a loving man who will speak to anybody. The love he has for people, he wants to build by being relatable with his music and touching different crowds. His voice is expanding upon regular R&B, building off of his Afro Latin heritage; he is working on making music and gaining listeners from the audiences of Afrobeat and Reggaeton. The art of singing in “Spanglish” is even being incorporated into his sound. There is no limit on the possibility of his music, thanks to his rekindle of passion for the musical arts.

The Endgame

In particular, he commented on loving J. Balvin’s sound and magic. Also, he loves traveling; Beck was just in London for his birthday and he loved the Caribbean music in that region. A couple of places he plans to go to and learn their cultures are Singapore and Thailand. He always loved Asian culture. Also, he still plans on being in films and television. We both laughed when he told me, “you might even catch me singing a ballad in a horror film. You never know what you will get from me!” Hearing from him about his past experiences and his passion along with his sense of humor really made me a new fan of his.

It’s amazing to hear his growth as a man. The same growth will be portrayed in his upcoming album, as he states “it’s built around presence.” Curated around transparency, charisma, different genres of music such as hip hop, Latin and Afrobeats, and his life; his project will entail who he is fully! As people are surprised on a daily about his immaculate vocal talent, he wants to shock the world with the essence and versatility of the project. Steven Beck is now fully “self-aware” of his talent, look, and soul; he plans to deliver all of him in the near future. Be on the lookout for Beck on the big screen and your streaming service very soon!