Goldie Luxx – DRM

Tantalizing is how to describe this song. In this R&B music review we talk about a hot new hit from artist Goldie Luxx. This new beat that was just dropped is for the girl who can’t get the player out of her mind.
The smooth and catchy beat draws you in as you listen to her plead her case of guilty of being used as his toy.

Tantalizing and provocative, she knows she isn’t his one and only, but despite the pain she keeps coming back for more.
She can’t stop thinking about him and will take whatever she can get of his love.

He isn’t looking for commitment, and love is far from his mind. He knows she will allow him to play her like a fiddle and that she will come whenever he calls. He isn’t concerned about how involved her feelings are or that she can’t get him off of her mind, he is only concerned with the fact that she will give him what he wants when he wants it.

She is caught up in his web with no escaping. It is clear that he won’t stick around for more than a one night stand and she should see that. Her brain won’t let her give up hope of being his girl. She is crazy for him.
This singer bears her soul as she reveals her personal battle to forget the man who captivates her.

Although the chance for love with him is completely not an option, she keeps fighting for the delusion of what could be.
For her the pleasure is worth the pain. This song tells the story of the woman’s obsession with a man who is hanging by a thread.


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