‘Down Crazy’ new single by Gigi Vega

An R & B review for this week wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Gigi Vega and her latest song “Down Crazy” that’s been capturing attention for weeks because of its club sound and summertime essence.

Since the 21-year-old singer with a stunning rich, sultry voice released a video version of the song on YouTube on August 2, the video has notably received more than five million views. The song is about Gigi dealing with a “clingy ex-boyfriend, Josh” who wants to get back together with her while at a desert oasis and summer pool party and her response to his desire. The song also promotes a “super fun vibe” just right for summer pool time.

The lyrics in the video show how Gigi plays with Josh, pretending he has a chance, only for her to push him away into the water at the end.

“Down Crazy” offers a beat and easy-to-follow chorus of “Down, down crazy, Down down, go crazy” and “I go, I go, I go, I go” that people will find themselves humming and singing along to while they’re listening in their car, at home or during their own pool parties. The simple-yet-dynamic beat has the potential to effortlessly become a club favorite, especially if remixed to enhance the synth elements and incorporate additional sounds. It could also easily become a favorite of nightcore fans with a remix.

“Down Crazy” is a must listen to for the beat and synth elements, and of course for Gigi’s amazing voice. It has the makings of a popular club remix or release a straight chart topper.

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