MTV Alum Melanie Iglesias Tackles The Price of Fame in New Song, “L is A B”

Ready to take a new trajectory in her career, famed model/television personality/actress Melanie Iglesias enters 2020 with an attention-grabbing new song titled, “L is A B.” The offering is the singer’s third release, however, it’s her introduction to the majority of R&B fans. The dark song shines bright as the MTV star shares her personal battle with mental health as a result of the price of fame.

“L is A B” addresses depression, heartbreak and what it feels like when someone you’re close to experiences fame and consequently chooses to weaponize your depression against you. Easily Iglesias’ most revealing song yet, the single takes us behind the lights and reveals the back-stabbing, double-crossing and betrayal that also comes with the red carpets, fine dining and film sets. “L is A B” is a song many can relate to pertaining to the pressures of remaining popularity on every level of fame rather A, B, C or D-list.

Available on her own imprint, stream Melanie Iglesias’s new single “L is A B” below, courtesy of Spotify.

About “L is A B,” Iglesias explains how life works, stating, “Life is a bitch, love is a game, sometimes people change when they get some fame…” In the song she speaks on a former friend who damaged their friendship beyond repair, she sings, “She was a bad bitch, calls herself a savage, she said she loved me just to elevate her status…”

Many are familiar with Melanie Iglesias not for her musical abilities but her hugely successful print and television career. After being voted Maxim’s “Hometown Hotties” winner in 2010, Melanie went on to be featured in magazines like World’s Most Beautiful, Esquire, and Vibe as well as the special edition cover of Maxim USA. She was voted one of the “30 sexiest celebrities under 30” in Vibe and later appeared on three seasons of MTV’s The Guy Code as well as the spin-off series Girl Code.

Returning to her first love, Iglesias released her first single, “Tell’em,” in 2018. Followed by her 2019 effort, “Obvious,” she has developed a catchy pop and R&B infused sound ready for not only radio but the top of the charts. Creating a more personal sound with “L is A B,” Igesias is destined to have the same success as her modeling career in music which will quickly shoot straight to the top.

“L is A B” is available now via Melaine’s own imprint, stream it above, and for more on Melanie Iglesias, follow new singer’s journey daily on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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